The 13th National Petroleum and Chemical Industry Vocational Skills Competition ended successfully

People’s Network Changsha December 10 On December 8th, the 13th National Petroleum and Chemical Industry Vocational Skills Competition came to an end in Hunan Chemical Vocational and Technical College.

It is reported that this competition has two competitions in this competition, two competitions for industrial wastewater treatment workers, including four modules for the industrial wastewater treatment workers into theoretical assessment, simulation operation, flocculation conditions optimization, pumping station system operation and maintenance. There are 34 teams of 34 teams to participate; the chemical general control work competition is divided into four modules such as theoretical assessment, simulation operation, equipment hydrogen sulfide leak poisoning emergency disposal, rectification operation, and 174 people in the team.

At the meeting, Shen Lei, director of the Chemical Industry Vocational Skills Identification and Guidance Center, announced that 55 people such as Zhang Cuihua have obtained 5 teams such as "Hunan Technology Expert" title, Guo Can Yulin Chemical Co., Ltd. to obtain the first prize of industrial wastewater treatment workers. 9 teams such as Zhonghai Petrochemical Co., Ltd. have obtained the first prize of chemical general control work competition group; Hunan Chemical Vocational and Technical College has been highlighted. "The theoretical knowledge of the players is better, but the strain capacity and safety awareness needs to be improved.

"Industrial wastewater treatment worker referee" comes in the closing ceremony.

Subsequently, Liu Pei Tian, ??the general control referee, said that the current player’s safety prevention is not enough, should carefully study the national vocational skill standards, strengthen the training of psychological quality and strain ability to firmly establish a safety awareness. It is understood that the preparation time of this competition is in the near future, and the prevention and control measures are constantly tightened, and the competition has the greatest in the competition.

Wang Xiongwei, secretary of the Party Committee of Hunan Chemical Industry and Technology, said that the school will use this competition as a new starting point, further broadening ideas, continuously improved vocational education and training system, deepening the level of education and education, school-enterprise cooperation, for building high quality The technical worker team made a new contribution. (Zhou Ting) (Editor: Li Shujing, Luo Shuai) Sharing let more people see client downloads.