See this woman again the same day,No one can think of what she is going to do。

“how,Is it lonely?,I want labor and management to play with you?”Stand up,Sneer,Looking unscrupulously at Zong Xueqin。
He is the next person to die according to the plan,Since it’s going to die,Naturally, I’m going through the addiction。
Zong Xueqin is in a good mood,Twisted and walked over,Arrived at a distance of tens of meters in an instant,There was a playful smile at the corner of the mouth,The small body that seems to be teasing me。
“You men,Not a good thing,When he died, he still looked like adultery,It’s really a headache!”
“That’s bad,This is a good saying,See people and talk to people,are you human?”
Two pillars are not to panic,He just wanted the other party to kill himself faster,Avoid torture。
Zong Xueqin already knew what the other party was thinking,So this is a good opportunity。
“You kneel down,Call grandma, I can spare your life,Let you be my dog!”
“Grandma?”Er Zhu shook his head,A look of disdain,“How about this,You call me dad,I can barely accept you!”
“Two pillars!”
Qi Chong stands up,An angry look:“How do you talk,Don’t let this kind of non-human guy recognize you as a father,Then you won’t be my brother。”
I thought Qi Chong stopped to beg for mercy,The result is even more ridiculous.,Almost made the surrounding butchers laugh。