CMA Meteorological Observation Center: ambitious bravely assumed the mission

Original title: China Meteorological Administration meteorological center: ambitious bravely assumed the mission to fill the gaps ocean observing high-altitude unmanned aircraft meteorological our country, selected for the National Weather Service excellent typical case of "special report outbreaks of serious flash floods disaster" …… weather in China young meteorological bureau Center (hereinafter referred to as "probing Center"), which is both a major series of successful tests, is also dealing with a group of meteorological data on a "probe power," the journey of a little story. In May this year, the Communist Youth League Committee of the China Meteorological Administration meteorological center (hereinafter referred to as "the center of the probe Youth League") won the "2019 – – 2020 annual central and state organs four red flag Communist Youth League" title. In mid-June 2020, "Swallow plans to" field test start. At this point, a time when Beijing started again two responses to public health emergencies, to Hainan meteorological emergency support vehicles blocked due to the outbreak, a team of young people went to Guo Ran alone test site, and erected temporary command of the UAV meteorological navigation platform, organizational units involved in the trial of the members to carry out the preparatory work. Sometimes, in order to promote a particular job, often called Guo Ran, micro letter to two or three in the morning. June Hainan, high temperature and humidity, field work areas without shade space and air conditioning equipment. Guo natural clothes wet dry wet dry, white actually bear a layer of saline.

Heat stroke, sun peeling, allergies, stay up all night guarding the drone …… Guo Ran came through.

When you see the drone flew typhoon clouds and a bundle of data coming from the young man to tears! At that time bear with operational meteorological support tasks, as well as the newly recruited staff summer sun a year. In the narrow ground station command module, the little chair is her desk. Xi and colleagues fee kun together, they "dwelling" in a small warehouse floor, a stay for half a day.

To ensure the stability of the signal, a ground station to open doors and windows, more hot baked under the hot sun.

One day down, back pain, sweating already is their "standard." People tanned, thin, but no complaints.

Because they know, "Swallow plan" the first successful use of high-altitude unmanned aerial vehicles equipped with devices for weather observation typhoon clouds were "CT scan" to fill a number of meteorological observations blank ..

To this end, they are in possession of an outsider can not see the little pride.

Data protection is a no shortcut to work. 2020 at 1:18 on June 26 am to 27, Liangshan Prefecture, Sichuan Province in northern Mianning County dump heavy rain to heavy rain, torrential disaster outbreaks in some areas. 27 am, after receiving the message, the central platform detection on duty close attention to all kinds of detection equipment in the area of business operation.

Although still dark, away from work too early, but the detection center young party members, members Linxue Jiao, Liu round, Wang Jiayi then rushed home from the service platform, data analysis mianning County and the surrounding, using space-scale, comprehensive analysis of the local system Yan days live weather features, and to assist in the production of materials on duty. 2020, April 4, after receiving the analysis tasks April 3rd place in Baicheng gale dust weather processes, atmospheric composition room to respond quickly and immediately set up a development working group report.

Although the day is the weekend, but the young backbone Lv Shanshan, Fangdong Qing, Lou Mengjun still rapidly returning to, working overtime to prepare materials.

"At the time the epidemic situation is still relatively grim, many units still in the implementation of flexible work, so everyone in the office was also wearing a mask.

"Lv Shanshan recalls scene.

Thinking initiatives youth workers how to detect probing the cause of the development of meteorology have more accurate grasp? Under the new situation how to combine their own work, learning outcomes will be applied to the actual work to promote the core business improvement? Pioneer Youth "family" – the center of detecting League gives the answer.

Reinforcement learning. Observation Center Youth League Youth League Joint National Meteorological Center, Climate Center Youth League jointly launched the theory of learning activities.

We start from the enhanced sense of responsibility and mission to promote youth meteorological observation and forecasting the development of the youth organization of party members and members Understanding, talk about experience, looking for a meeting point to work together to detect forecasts business integration and quality improvement suggestions. Enhancing practical.

Observation Center Youth League organizations, young party members, members implement carry out the "root grass roots in the" central and state research practice, "Dream a new atmosphere" directly under the authority of youth research practice, trying to detect young people change their style in the research practice exercise, strengthen their will quality, enhance the overall quality, we learned excellent skills. establish plantform.

Observation Center Youth League to build a platform for young people to grow, held for three consecutive years innovative product design and competition on the establishment of the center of the probe innovation team, focus the majority of young superior forces to research the key technology to solve business development "strangle hold" problem.

The past three years, the probe has 22 youth team into the innovation, research and development of meteorological observation products 9.

Two young men went to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) worked; there are three young people respond to national call to carry out the work of Yuan Jiang, deputy secretary Li Songkui Tibet to carry out reconstruction work; the Communist Youth League organization members Liang Jing Shu select travel agencies directly under the Communist Youth League of China Meteorological Administration testing exercise ; Youth League secretary of the China Meteorological Administration Xu Ming I was directly under the authority of outstanding cadres of the Communist Youth League title.

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