otherwise,He knows that Chen Youwang is native,Non-to-plant,I didn’t have it.。

Chen Youwang listened to birthday gifts,Not carelessly:“Just buy some or not.,My birthday,Don’t you like some of some game skin or a point to send me??You also give you a colleague, just fine.。”
Your grandfather!
Internet addiction teenager??
“People don’t play kings。”Zhou Ye went to cry and laugh。
And this is to send Chen Youwang and the skin.,Take it to send Wolong,Don’t you become a joke??
The phone Chen Yang seems to be interested.,“King does not play,ThatCFWoolen cloth?Eating chicken?LOLWoolen cloth?”
“Don’t play。”Zhou Ye I listened to Chen Youwang’s voice,Finally, I felt that Chen Dynasty faced the complex mood of such a mixed son every day.。
Chen Youwang voice became sharp,Yin and yang:“Don’t play,Could it be a girl?”
Zhou Ye will know that it will be caught by Chen Youwang.,Then asked such a result。
He sighed,“Yes,Female doctor in our department。”
The phone came to the horror laughter。
I can imagine that I will love the laughter of Zhou Yucao, I heard that he wants to give an anisotropy gift.,That kind of roaring laughter。
“No bar,Your grandfather,You actually like women,I do not know how。”Chen Youwang smiled and said.。
“Don’t like women,Like a man??”Zhou Ye。
The phone suddenly got a sound。
“I thought you just like me.。”
Chen Youwangji’s voice allows Zhou Ye to rush to violent him.。
Know this friend from a small,It’s really a headache!
Zhou Ye I blocked the eyes,I feel a tired of you,“correct,Your uncle,What is your blind??”
Son as the boss of coal boss,Chen Youwang almost lifted all the responsibilities of this generation of old Chen Jiaxing!
So avoid Chen Dynasty to give him a variety of blind children every day.。
Listen to the blind date。
Chen Youwang’s long sighs,Helpless:“The old people introduced me all the rich people,Where can we look at our outbreaks?,I feel talking to their grandfather,Have hope than talking to them……”
Zhou Ye worses a laughter。
It seems that the rich second generation also has its own troubles.。
“correct,You don’t say you want to prepare a gift??With my nearest experience,I think it is better to send some lipsticks.。”Chen Youwang as a brother,Or conscience suggestion。
Zhou Ye thinks that Li is。
The two of them are not intensified.。
“Birthday in the evening,Want to buy Dior,But the courier can’t be sent.。”Zhou Niwu said some disappointment。
Chen Youwei laughed:“Are you dumb?Why do you want to go to Taobao?,Can you buy it in the counter??”