“Book month,I promised you,Take care of you,Take care of you forever,No matter what happens in the future,You are my only love。”

“Ha ha,That’s your own business,not my business。”Xia Shuyue looked cold,She knows these words have no meaning。
“If no one is waiting for you,Whether you agree or disagree,I want to send you off,I want to know where you live,So I can rest assured。”
“Do you think this is necessary,Zhao Luo,We have broken up,I appreciate your kindness。”
“I said it before,You are my only love,I will take care of you forever,I must know where you live,Otherwise I can’t sleep,I want to know if you are safe。”
069 The life of one person 1
Xia Shuyue knows Zhao Luo’s temper very well,If you disagree with his request,Two people will be deadlocked forever,It will be dark soon,She doesn’t want to waste time,Just walk forward silently,Acquiescing Zhao Luo to follow him。
After getting off the bus,Xia Shuyue stopped at the gate of the community,“I’m here,Now you know i live here,you can go now。”No tears on her face,I was crying in my heart,Stride into the community,Never looking back。
Zhao Luo rushed over to hug her from behind,Put your head on her back,Time has stopped,Xia Shuyue didn’t move,Zhao Luo hugged her tightly,Cry,Tears wet Xia Shuyue’s back。
But neither of them spoke,A minute later,Xia Shuyue freed herself from Zhao Luo’s arms,Do not look back,Dragging the luggage to continue walking,On the fifth floor,open the window,Zhao Luo is still in place。
She waved at Zhao Luo,Signaled that I was home,Zhao Luo glanced at her and then turned his head and disappeared silently in the crowd,Xia Shuyue was shocked for a few seconds,Close the window,Also closed her eight years of love with Zhao Luo。
Take the clothes out of the suitcase,Simply tidy it up and put it in the closet,Take a hot bath,Xia Shuyue lay down,Wake up,Its daybreak,She was taken aback by the strange environment,Bounce off the bed instantly。
It took a long time to relax,I have already moved,Lazily on the bed,Big bed is big and soft,She is lying prone,Feeling relaxed and sad,Empty heart。
Not long after,SMS from the phone,Uncle,“Xia Shuyue,Are you still used to the new environment??”
Xia Shuyue was moved,A person,Remember to care about her,Mouth up,Sit up and reply text message,“pretty good,Thanks for helping me find a house,Really thank you。”
This uncle,I don’t know if I’m married,Or divorced?Xia Shuyue never asked,She is afraid to know the answer,Because the answer is likely to break the balance between them。
Xia Shuyue understands this very well,Be friends,This is balance,But my heart still can’t be calm for a long time,In new home,Cook、having snack、Reading、watch TV,After the weekend,Go to work on Monday,Seems to be fine alone,People don’t have to have boyfriends。
Broke up with Zhao Luo,The world has not changed,In the company,Manager Tang is still nagging the morning meeting as usual,A few colleagues want to resign,There are also a few new colleagues to join。
This small advertising company can’t keep people,People coming and going are common,Not surprisingly,Iron-fighted battalion,Xia Shuyue couldn’t find a more suitable and better job,Or I would have quit。