Looking at Meng Wenxuan and wants to open,Li Hui has directly interrupted the other party’s words.。

“Humph,You will regret this。”
Looking at Li Hui’s favorite,Meng Wenxuan decisive selection。
Although he is also fierce,But his fierce is behind the knife.。
He will always choose to be with other people.,The front risks are too big。
Looking at Meng Wenxuan disappearing back in the dark,Li Hui has nothing to say,Directly to the remaining staff in the scene。
“Now Meng Wenxuan is gone,You should be very curious about why I will expel him at once.?”
“Because he did something that made me unhappy,Even already touched the interests of the hotel,I feel that I will continue to do it.,This hotel is his。”
“Of course tell you these,A large part of the reason is that most people are what he came.,I am afraid that you will flash through him.,Then collectively strike,Resign。”
“But now I have come to everyone to give you.,Since he has resigned him,So, it also proves that I already have a backhand.。”
“so now,I want to continue to follow my dry.,I want to follow Meng Wenxuan. I don’t stop.。”
Li Hui said with the wind.,Quietly waiting for everyone’s choice。
Waited for a long time,I found no one left。
He knows,The wage standard for Meng Wenxuan is really great.,There is no one is willing to leave.。
This is enough to give it enough。
Of course, it is also possible to explain that these people have no direct relationship with Meng Wenxuan.,It may be a simple Meng Wesixuan chose to be in the employees.。
“Since everyone has not left,So congratulations,Next month’s salary,Everyone will additional a thousand bonuses。”
“This bonus is because you have not prepared in today’s falling stone.。”
Li Hui said this,The following employees are all celebrated.。
At the same time, they are also thorough,Li Hui Feng in front of you really is the boss of this hotel.。
Before, they thought it was the soil bag.,Puttong Small Youth。
I didn’t look at Li Hui, which would be so powerful.。
“boss,So will we do more in each month??After all, we have been doing it.。”
Have a relatively bold girl asking。
Li Hui said this,Laughing directly。
“Just this month,Every month has,How can it be?”
Say this,Li Hui has laughed again.。
“certainly,Every quarter will have a bonus every quarter,This bonus may be five thousand,It may be three thousand,May may even be a thousand。,”
“The bonus system I will customize according to the length of time work.,Customized according to each person’s performance,Everything is full of three thousand starts。”
“If you express it,Then continue to add on the basis of 3,000,Not capped。”
Li Hui’s words,Let’s directly get the following people accelerate。