A time that didn’t take too long,Tian Xingyao took Lin Yuner and Xiao Fan to the door of a high-end bridal shop。

After the tour bus has stopped,Tian Xing Yao took Lin Yun’er and Xiao Fan out of the car together。
Tianxing Yaocai pointed to the bridal shop in front of Lin Yuner and Xiao Fan.:
“Before i come,Madam Lin has already explained to me,The bridal shop must choose the most high-end,So?This is the most upscale bridal shop on this wind chime island。”
“and,Don’t hide it,This bridal shop is also the only one on this wind chime island,By the son who developed this wind chime island,Others are stationed on this wind chime island from other places。”
Tian Xingyao’s voice fell,It immediately aroused Lin Yoona’s curiosity。
Lin Yoona is really curious now,This legendary rich son,What kind of character is it?。
Why do you think about marriage and love?,Such a soft spot。
Want to come,On this person,It must be what a beautiful love story happened!
Lin Yoona raised her head and looked at the bridal shop standing in front of her,The shape of the shop is very unique。
Logically,This is a bridal shop run by the head family,Then in appearance,It must give people a feeling of luxury and domineering。
but,From Lin Yuna’s point of view,This bridal shop does not have any luxury and domineering atmosphere.,instead,It also gives people a feeling that people want to get close inexplicably。
What would that feeling be?
Lin Yoona closed her eyes,Savored,I feel that it should be a feeling of happiness。
Just when Lin Yoona savoured this feeling more carefully than her eyes,I heard Xiao Fan shouting in his ears:
“Yoona,Yoona,what happened to you?”
Lin Yun’er opened her eyes and came back to her senses。