The children of emperors and nobles who have learned a lot are desperately trying to drill into the Holy Heaven Gate,How can it be our poor kids! So specialized professors like Tianwu Daochang have no education,The dojo of the talented and low-school children came into being。

of course,Professor Tianwu Dojo is not free。
The disciples of Tianwu Dojo must work for the dojo for ten years to pay for the tuition.!”
Chen Xiu thought:“Fucking,This is not equivalent to the Pheasant University on Earth,Find an unknown elementary school if you can’t pass the prestigious university。”
hand machine station:
1153 Iron palm
Just listening to Lin Tianfu is continuing:“There are many disciples under the Tianwu Taoist school,It is said to be no less than 100,000。
I even took the opportunity to train dozens of innate masters。
The Taoist Master Song Que is also one of our top ten masters in Qingmu County!”
Chen Xiu said disapprovingly:“No matter how powerful Duan Que is, it has nothing to do with this grandson。”
Lin Tianfu said with a smile:“Duan Junjian is not entirely dependent on his prominent identity,My own force is not weak。
It is said that this person is a martial arts genius,Seven-year-old Xuewu,I can get angry when I’m fifteen,Twenty-year-old advanced first class!Aoki County,Twenty-year-old advanced inner aura,Only a few people,Duan Junjian is one of them!”
Chen Xiu blinked,Twenty-year-old advanced first class,Seems okay。
When I was 20 years old, I was still busy looking for a job after graduation.。
but, It seems that it has been less than two years since self-study and practice,I don’t know if I am a peerless genius.?
Lin Tianfu continued:“Duan Junjian is now 23 years old,Estimate this person’s cultivation,At least it’s the pinnacle of top-notch。
This is the advantage of being a nobleman,Have countless training resources,Just have a little qualification,You can easily cultivate to a first-class master……” Two people talking room。