A white blush and a thick neck,Panting hard,I didn’t even understand how I was restrained,The struggle of Old Fei’s nose is also in vain,The opponent’s fingers are like steel hooks,The more you move, the more sad,“you.You let go of me first。”

“Dare to be tough?Your last name is Zhang?”
“what,how about it?Get acquainted and let me go quickly,otherwise.You can never get out of here alive!”
“so smart?what’s your name?”
“Lao Zi Zhang Zhijian.”
“What does Zhang Zhiqiang have to do with you?”Quanxingguo’s problem is getting faster,Don’t give the other party time to consider,If there is a slight delay, it means to strengthen,A man who is as strong as an ox is like mud between his five fingers。
But this time,She slapped her white hair but didn’t answer,Painful eyes suddenly have a strange emotion,It’s weird to smile but not to smile。
“friend,I will answer this question。”With a loud voice,Two people came out behind the vegetation across the road,The current one is of good shape,White and fat face,Smile,Behind him is a big man with a big beard,Holding a shotgun in his hand!
Kwon Heung Kuk’s pupils are miniature,These two people are not easy,Hiding here for so long,He didn’t notice,You know that with his years of hard training、And has a strong ability with rich combat experience,Any wind and grass within a radius of 100 meters can’t hide from his ears,I missed you,You can’t underestimate the other party’s hidden ability,How can such a character be hidden in a small mountain town?And the opponent is willing to deal with him,Actually sent out two at once。
“What do you call this friend?”Quan Xingguo smiled and looked at each other,Secretly strengthen your hands,Control the white hair tightly,Protected the main vitals without a trace,The other party turned on the guns,Obviously can’t be kind。
“Clichés,You don’t need to remember me。”The innocent middle-aged man waved his hand,“Speaking of Zhang Zhiqiang,He has a brother with the same name and surname,Could my friend come to him??”
The white middle-aged man reaches out his hand and points to Zhang Zhijian who has become a hostage,Continue,“But you must make no mistake。”
“What do you mean?What if I make a mistake?”
“Indiscriminately shot to hurt people,Where do you think?”The Baijing middle-aged man suddenly sinks,A pair of small eyes bursts with fierce light。