“That man is your follower?He has been watching you。”Fang Na tries her best to find a conversation with Zhao Qianqian。

“Is not,He has a wife,My buddy,I don’t worry about drinking alone,Have to follow。”Zhao Qianqian answered casually。
“Your fate,There is such a good person to you。”Fang Na sits next to Zhao Qianqian,Look at her with your chin,Look envious。
“What good,I’m almost annoying,No matter what,Have a pair of eyes staring at you,Very annoying。”Zhao Qianqian didn’t say that she was her bodyguard,Fang Na doesn’t want to say anything。
“You still drink less,Too much alcohol hurts the body。”Fang Na saw Zhao Qianqian picking up the glass again to start drinking。
“bother,do not drink,What can you do。”Zhao Qianqian is really upset。
“When i was abandoned,Also annoying,Just like you,Drink every day,later,just got it,Useless,Drinking every day can’t change back to a bearer,Started to learn to do business,Women should be self-improvement,Wait for you to get busy,Just forgot about these annoying things。”
“You still do business?”Zhao Qianqian can’t believe it。
“Didn’t see it,I have my own company,Just not big,”Fang Na sees Zhao Qianqian interested,Whispered,“in fact,I can’t do business myself,Just raise a little white face to take care of me,Hee hee。”
“you are awesome。”Zhao Qianqian laughed after listening,“Someone else loses you,You changed?”
“Yes,Little sister,Listen to sister,drink less,Young people should cheer up,Do business,I will invite you to my company another day。”Fang Na has a brilliant face。
“OK,I’ll go see another day,You are serious?”Zhao Qianqian did not expect to meet someone who can chat with herself,She gave Fang Na the phone number。
“okay,Don’t be bored,Drinking too much is boring,Also hurt the body,Not happy yet,Come,Let’s dance。”Fang Na pulls up Zhao Qianqian。
“I can’t jump,Did not skip。”Although Zhao Qianqian is a young lady,,But she has always been a good girl,Can’t dance at all。