Yang Yang: Anti-doping needs to discriminate the people behind

Yang Yang: Anti-doping needs to discriminate “the people behind”
In November 2017, Yang Yang was interviewed by Sauna and Yewang. Sauna, Ye Wang Wu Jiangshe Today, Yang Yang, China’s first Winter Olympic champion, was officially appointed as the vice chairman of the World Anti-Doping Agency (hereinafter referred to as WADA). This is the first time that Chinese people have entered the organization’s top leadership.In an interview with Sauna and Yewang a few days ago, Yang Yang said that WADA puts athletes first, and that his work will shift to the role of prevention, education, and protection. It is impossible for athletes to know for the first time that anti-doping is because they were investigated.At the same time, Yang Yang suggested increasing efforts to warn, violate, and educate those accompanying athletes who violate the regulations, which will be an important step in bringing anti-doping work to a higher level.  After participating in the investigation of the Russian doping incident in May 2019, Yang Yang was appointed as the vice chairman of WADA. This is not the first time she has been exposed to anti-doping work.From 2003 to 2011, Yang Yang served as a member of the WADA Athlete Committee.In addition, she also participated in the investigation of the Russian doping incident as a member of the IOC Ethics Committee.  ”Although they have not been in WADA these years, they will go to the International Olympic Committee every year to make some reports. I am concerned about related matters.”In September 2019, WADA was on the Japan Stock Exchange. Yang Yang, who was the vice president-elect, went to the conference.“ WADA is very different from the International Olympic Committee and other pure sports international organizations. It is half from government representatives and half fromSports representatives.”In those few days in Japan, Yang Yang had a preliminary understanding of WADA work.  After retiring for many years, Yang Yang has served in international organizations such as the International Olympic Committee and the International Slide Union. Most of them are partial to sports, and their work content and contacts are also familiar.Ranking those pure sports international organizations, WADA is more complicated, and Yang Yang bluntly needs an adaptation process.  ”Half of the WADA staff comes from the government, because many of the work involves the scope of the law, and some staff have a lawyer background.Yang Yang said that it is impossible to become an expert in every field, but this job requires that she must have a comprehensive understanding of the content of the anti-doping field. This understanding includes a small amount of drugs, scientific research, etc., and the size of the working mechanism.She is a very new field.  ”WADA is relatively new in international sports organizations and has only 20 years of history. In the past few years, it has constantly encountered new problems and new challenges.Yang Yang introduced that WADA’s management mechanism and management capabilities have been continuously improved over the years, especially after the Russian doping incident, its ability to face difficulties and challenges is becoming stronger and stronger.  Since being appointed as the vice chairman of WADA, Yang Yang has seized all the time to learn about anti-doping and other related knowledge.During Poland ‘s participation in the anti-doping conference, Yang Yang did not care about the jet lag, and studied the United Nations ‘inclusion in the International Convention against Doping in Sports, adopted by the United Nations in October 2005, which was the first time that governments in the worldAgree to use the power of international law on anti-doping issues.  At the second National Youth Games in 2019, Yang Yang was invited to go to Shanxi to learn how China’s anti-doping work can be combined with the competition.”When I was an athlete, anti-doping work often accompanied us.But from another angle, the feeling is still different.Yang Yang said.Yang Yang followed the whole process from placing orders at the Anti-Doping Office of the Games, to urinalysis of athletes, and then placing the urine samples from Taiyuan in Beijing.  The rights of the unanimous clean players are the first. In November 2019, the 5th World Anti-Doping Conference was held in Poland. Two “former athletes” Banka and Yang Yang were elected as WADA chairman and vice chairman.In Yang Yang’s view, her and Banka’s election made WADA’s “athlete-centric” blood genes stronger.  Banka is currently the Polish Minister of Sports and Tourism. Before politics, he was a 400-meter sprinter and participated in the World Championships in Track and Field.Yang Yang has a stronger sports background. She is the first gold medalist in the Winter Olympics in China and has won 59 world championships in her career.  ”In recent years, the International Olympic Committee, international sports organizations, including our Beijing Winter Olympics, have always been committed to being athlete-centric.Anti-doping work is the same. To protect clean athletes, we must put their rights first.Yang Yang said that she and Banka master the world anti-doping work, also reflects the participation of the athletes in the first place.  Talking about the future direction of work, Yang Yang said that WADA will shift more to the role of prevention, education, and protection of athletes, rather than the rule-makers alone.  ”We have outstanding fair and impartial assessments and hope that athletes will receive such assessment education without being cheaters. This is what I particularly hope to increase spending in the future.”Yang Yang said that these jobs will take up a lot of WADA resources, but they must do it.” Of course, we must also ensure technological progress and the ability to catch those deceivers.President Bach also expressed his support this time for the retention of urine samples in some national laboratories to be extended to 10 years, to warn those deceivers. Now you may have escaped, but 10 years later I believe that advances in technology can bring you.Finally, let those clean athletes have more confidence, this is the most important.”For fraudsters, the scope of future revenue will be large.Last year at the World Anti-Doping Conference, IOC President Bach will increase the replacement of accompanying personnel.This point was mentioned by Yang Yang when he first served in the WADA Athlete Committee.  ”I suggested that taking illegal drugs was still a deceiver, but he (she) was also a victim.The people around him did not provide him with a good education, and sometimes even assisted him to take his or her medication, but only the athletes were the last to be intervened.”Yang Yang said that many countries have not yet enacted doping legislation, which makes it difficult for them to investigate the people around or even behind the prohibited athletes.” I have been staring at the people behind these being disturbed, so as to really prevent the occurrence of doping.This time, President Bach also highlighted this part at the level of the General Assembly, which is a great encouragement for me.”Trying anti-doping knowledge becomes a must-have question. On September 26, 2019, WADA President-elect Banka and Yang Yang visited the China Anti-Doping Center together. This was the first collective visit by the WADA top management team.Yang Yang said that Banka attached great importance to China’s voice and came to China several times in advance.After participating in the WADA indicator in Japan, Banka, Yang Yang and Director General Nigli visited Beijing together.In addition to visiting the China Anti-Doping Center, they also met with Gou Zhongwen, director of the State Sports General Administration, and Li Yingchuan, deputy director.  ”In addition to zero tolerance, Director Zhong Wen also proposed a zero appearance, which reflects the strength of our country.“Yang Yang said that“ zero occurrence ”reflects China ‘s responsibility and commitment in anti-doping work. This effort is very strong, and she was also very excited to accompany her to attend,” said the chairman from Banka and the director-general NegriThe reaction can be ground, and they are confident.A country that understands anti-doping work is the best support for WADA.We not only have attitudes, but also actions.”China’s understanding of anti-doping work is also reflected in its active participation in international anti-doping work.At present, in addition to Yang Yang as the vice chairman of WADA, Li Yingchuan, deputy director of the State Sports General Administration, also serves as the WADA indicator director, and diving Olympic champion Li Na is a member of the WADA athletes committee.  ”The anti-doping work must first be based on China itself. Over the years, we have taken advantage of the nationwide system. We have made great efforts in these areas, and we have a high degree of cooperation with international organizations. International organizations have more trust in us.”Yang Yang introduced that China has hosted the World Anti-Doping Forum in recent years and actively helped neighboring countries. However, in order to exert its power, more Chinese people need to enter the WADA methodological layer, so that China ‘s resources can be betterConnect with international.  In the past few years, China’s anti-doping work has made rapid progress, and there are some very good practices in the standardization of anti-doping education.At present, China has adopted the anti-doping test as part of the athletes ‘national competition qualification.Last year’s Second Youth Association, some athletes failed to pass the anti-doping knowledge test and lost their qualifications.  Yang Yang said that athletes must understand anti-doping knowledge, which is the next important work of WADA. “We can easily understand the education of anti-doping. We cannot say that athletes first learned about anti-doping because they were investigated.WADA has very good educational content, and now it needs to be promoted.”Writing / Sauna, Night Net Sun Haiguang