[Can you eat eggs as a vegetarian]_Eggs_Vegetarians_Can you eat

[Can you eat eggs as a vegetarian]_Eggs_Vegetarians_Can you eat

Absolutely, vegetarians usually do n’t eat ravioli in life, and there has been a lot of controversy about whether vegetarians can eat eggs. Different people have different views. After reading the following knowledge, I believe youThere will be its own answer.

First, can vegetarians eat eggs?

1. Many initiates asked: “Can vegetarians eat eggs?

“Now in the chicken farm, eggs are produced exclusively, and there is no cock mating. This egg is not a breeding egg, and this one can be eaten.

2. However, after visiting a duck farm a few years ago, I told fellow initiates in the dojo, chicken farms, duck farms that the eggs could not be eaten. Why?

The duck farm they visited, only two days after their birth, were as big as the palm of their hand; in just two weeks, these ducks had grown up and could be sold.

3. I know that in the past, ducks had to be raised in the countryside. It took about four to five months, and it was normal to sell them for half a year.

The ducklings, now ingested with chemical feed, become big ducks in just two weeks.

4, the current chicken farm, duck farm, chickens and ducks are kept in cages, feeding all chemical feeds, such as hormones and other chemical feeds, so it grows fast, like blowing, thisBreed chicken and duck raw eggs, dare to eat?

Second, vegetarians are divided into two types: 1. Eggnog vegetarianism: do not eat meat, but eat eggs and milk.

2. Egg vegetarianism: Do n’t eat meat, do n’t eat milk, but eat eggs.

3. Milk vegetarianism: No meat, no eggs, no milk.

4. Veganism: Eggs, meat, and milk are not eaten.

Third, in addition to vegetarianism, there is also a kind of vegans. Those vegans not only do not eat any meat of sentient beings, but also replace eggs, dairy products and even honey, so that they rely on plant foods to maintain their lives.All foods of crystal animals will not stick.

Apart from food, vegans also do not use products made from animals, such as leather clothes, shoes, belts, purses and other leather products and cosmetics containing animal body ingredients.

Whey vegetarians. Vegans generally eat foods that are partially derived from animals, such as eggs and milk.

Some vegetarians refuse to eat cheese and cakes, which are made with animal dung, because of moral reasons.

Lactin, this type of vegetarian does not eat meat but consumes milk and related products like cheese, cream or yogurt.

Egg white, similar to vegan vegetarian, edible eggs and related products.

The food for a longevity healthy diet is mainly cereals and beans, including fruit-eating.

Raw food, this method of eating is to keep all food in its natural state until it is heated to not more than 47 ° C.

Raw foodists believe that cooking can destroy the enzymes or nutrients in food.

Some raw foodists are called activated raw foodists. Before eating seed foods, they become foods and soak them in water to activate the enzymes.

Some raw foodists only eat organic food.