Troubleshou Sabotca with the Austrian National Assembly

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, December 7, the National People’s Congress Standing Committee Chairman, Sui Ban, held a talks with the Austrian National Assembly of Sosteka on the 7th.

In May this year, President Xi Jinping and President of Van Debielun were mutually resisted on the 50th anniversary of China.

The leaders of the two countries attach great importance to the development of China-Olympic relations, leading and promoting the two countries’ friendly strategic partnerships. Zhongao adheres to mutual integrity, mutual benefit, political, economic and trade, culture, and technology and other fields. China is willing to further expand cooperation with the Olympics to promote the stability of relations between the two countries.

First, continue to consolidate political mutual trust, carry out flexible and diverse exchanges, and constantly consolidate bilateral relations basis.

The second is to deepen the pragmatic cooperation in various fields to strengthen cooperation in high-end manufacturing, digital economy, energy-saving and environmental, ecological agriculture, and ice and snow industry. Welcome Austria’s sports athletes to participate in Beijing Winter Olympics.

The third is to jointly maintain real multilateralism, and join hands with global challenges to promote the construction of the global development of fate community.

In recent years, the Taoli Legislature has maintained a good cooperative relationship in recent years. China’s national people are willing to maintain high-level exchanges with the Austrian parliament, strengthen the exchanges between special committees, friendly groups, and representatives and Members.

Timely approval, revise or introduce legal documents that are conducive to bilateral relations development, providing legal guarantees to promote high quality to build a "all road" and pragmatic cooperation in various fields. Learn each other to learn from legislative, supervision and governing the country, and jointly improve the ability of legislative bodies. Strengthen coordination cooperation in multilateral sites such as parliamentary alliances to promote world peace development. Sobotka said that this year is the 50th anniversary of Jianzhong Construction.

China is an important partner of Austria, which is offered to deepen friendly relations between the two countries. The Austrian Fang is willing to strengthen cooperation between China to fight against neozopritis.

The Augustian Parliament is willing to strengthen exchanges with the National People’s Congress of China, in order to deepen cooperation in all areas such as trade, investment, environmental protection and sports, and promote the contribution of people’s friendship.