Thought for a while,It’s safer to enter from upstairs。Li Tianchou looked up,The windows upstairs are almost all closed,The shady direction should be the corridor position,So it’s not surprising。Watched for a long time,Only one of the windows on the third floor left a slit,There happens to be a pipe next to it,That’s it。

Li Tianchou inhales and concentrates,Reach out to hold the pipe,After trying the power,After a few rubs, he climbed to the third floor silently,Effortlessly flipped through the window。Unexpectedly,The foot is not a corridor,It’s a big empty room,Like an activity room。Take a closer look,There are mirrors around the walls,Like a rehearsal room,The floor is wooden,He had to act cautiously。
This room can’t stay long,Without any obstructions,Easy to spot。Li Tianchou quickly found the door,After listening to the movement, he flashed out。Outside is a short and straight corridor,The sound of music suddenly increases,It does provide a lot of convenience for Li Tianchou’s actions。
There are rooms on both sides of the corridor,Counted a total of five,The door is closed tightly。Li Tianchou listened to the door one by one,No abnormality found。Finally he squatted on the stairs,Prepare to observe the situation downstairs,What is depressing is that the stairs on the two floors are not straight through,I will see this weird layout,Had to go down to the second floor。
The layout of the second floor is completely different,There are also five rooms,But all facing south,The rest of the space forms a spacious hall,And connected to the left and right stairs。of course,Also brightened a lot,Because the light from downstairs comes through the stairs。
Li Tian quickly checked the five rooms,Then quietly squatted on the stairs,Unfortunately, the music stopped abruptly at this time,It seems that the performance is over。The downstairs suddenly seemed very quiet,Suddenly a soft cough made Li Tianchou’s heart shocked,This voice is too familiar,It is Uncle Geng who has been missing for several days。
“Good music will make people happy physically and mentally,How is my brother now?”The voice of a middle-aged man,Although slow,But a deep voice,A little hoarseness between syllables,Has a special taste。
“Ha ha,Really good。But good tune,I should appreciate it with my soulmate。”Uncle Geng’s voice is peaceful,But the meaning of disdain is very obvious。
“Not bad。”Middle-aged man is not angry,Suddenly changed the subject,“I’m afraid my brother’s body is getting worse every day。”
“Can hold it for a while,Don’t worry, you remember。”Uncle Geng said,Coughing suddenly。
Middle-aged man sighed,“People arrive,Should be with the person closest to me,Why are you doing this?”
“Not necessarily,Watching the people close to you safe and happy,What regrets?”Uncle Geng immediately refuted。
“Ok,That’s right。But things are impermanent,I advise my brother to look at him more。”The middle-aged man seems to stand up,“A cup of coffee?”
“Just boiled water。”Uncle Geng answered。
Chapter Two Hundred and Seventy Four meet
There was a slight footstep downstairs,After a while,Fell silent again。Li Tianchou guessed that this middle-aged man should be Zhang Zhiqiang,Judging from the breath,Except for him and Uncle Geng,There are at least three or four people downstairs。
“It’s another day,Don’t you really want to say something?”Zhang Zhiqiang finally broke the silence。
“No speculation,What do you let me say?”Uncle Geng’s tone is calm,But the meaning is not to give face。