“Chief Xia!This person must have ran to find Hu Haiquan to inform him”Liu Zimin’s face changed slightly and said。

Xia Jian smiled and said:“Wouldn’t it be better,Lest you go to him。Xiao Liu!It seems that there are not many opportunities for you to go to the village,Courageous。You will know later,You just follow me Xia Jian,Don’t worry about safety”
Xia Jian’s voice just fell,I saw a man in his forties walking towards Xia Jian and the others。This man is of medium build,But very strong。Just his red face,Still a big beard。
“Damn!Xiao Liu!The head of Xia Xiang came to our village,You don’t make a call in advance,I went to the entrance of the village to welcome,This is not yours!”Come here laughing,Sound like a bell。
Liu Zimin smiled and said:“Chief Xia!This is Hu Haiquan, the head of Huwang Village”
Hu Haiquan rushed over in two steps,Smiled and stretched out his hands,Shake with Xia Jian。Xia Jian glanced at Hu Haiquan,Said in an extremely unfriendly voice:“Go to the village committee”
“Damn!Mayor Xia may not know。The village committee of our Huwang Village is too crude,In addition to a few tables and chairs inside,Nothing。Let’s go to my house!At least there is tea to drink”Hu Haiquan said,Both eyes rolled around。
Xia Jian didn’t even think about it,But said coldly:“I said to the village committee”Xia Jian’s voice,As cold as ice。The smile on Hu Haiquan’s face froze。
He didn’t speak any more,But head down,Led Xia Jian to the village committee of Huwang Village。
A small courtyard,Four or five tile houses,Not particularly bad。The door of the village committee is closed,Not locked。But Hu Haiquan walked to the gate,But stood down。
He glanced at Liu Zimin and said:“Commissioner Liu!The village committee didn’t even have to drink,I think let’s go to my house!Chief Xia is here for the first time,Can’t let him even drink his saliva!”
What does this Hu Haiquan mean??Repeatedly not letting him enter the village committee。Just when Xia Jianzheng was puzzled,Suddenly heard the sound of playing mahjong,And this voice came from the village committee。
Xia Jian’s anger popped out immediately。He rushed up,Follow the closed door is a kick。Just listen to a crash,The door opened。
The door with the words Village Committee Office is wide open,A group of people gathered,Playing mahjong。This scene,Xia Jian has already met in the conference room of Donglin Township Government。
It seems that the upper beam is not upright,The lower beam must be crooked。Just when Xia Jian breathed fire in his eyes,Just about to go inside。Hu Haiquan stepped over,He stopped in front of Xia Jian,Said with a smiley face:“Chief Xia!the weather is too hot,It’s not easy to work on the ground,So everyone here just have fun,It’s better than fighting”
These people playing mahjong in the house were a little frightened by Xia Jian’s sudden intrusion,Where I was stunned for a while。Xia Jian pushed Hu Haiquan away,Rushed into the village committee office in Huwang Village in two steps。
The scene before him made him furious。Two desks form a square table,There is a green inferior blanket on the table。Hundred dollar bills,Divided into dozens of small piles,Just one or two thousand yuan。
Such a poor village,How can you get money from gambling??At this moment,Someone reacted,Reached out and grabbed the banknotes on the table。Xia Jian moves faster than him,When his hand reaches halfway,Xia Jian has clasped his wrist。Anyway, everyone didn’t see clearly,How did Xia Jian get it。
With a scream,This person has flown out,I fell down in the corner with a plop。Everyone was in an uproar,How many people haven’t recovered,Staring at Xia Jian with nervous eyes。