5 reasons or prompted C Ronaldo to leave the team-accused of tax evasion Real Madrid did not give a sense of security

5 reasons or prompted C Ronaldo to leave the team: constant tax evasion accused Real Madrid did not give a sense of security
Because of being bothered to be included in the tax case, Cristiano Ronaldo had the idea of leaving Real Madrid. When such news was reported in the media, world football was all met.According to the Spanish media “Marca”, the reason why Ronaldo will produce such an idea is naturally not a momentary fever, but the result of many factors working together.For Cristiano Ronaldo’s desire to leave the team, “Marca” also called 5 potential reasons.1. Frequent tax evasion allegations C Ronaldo will always receive tax evasion allegations from the Spanish prosecutor’s office during Real Madrid.Not long ago, the Spanish Procuratorate also accused Ronaldo of tax evasion of 14.7 million euros. If he was found guilty, Ronaldo would also face up to five years in prison.In Ronaldo’s view, he has done everything he can, and other prosecutors have been chattering.During the preparation for the National Cup, Cristiano Ronaldo made a gesture of shutting up in the face of the media. It seems that Cristiano Ronaldo was really fed up.2. The media is targeting him everywhere. Because he is the best player in the world, Ronaldo’s every move will become the focus of the media.However, in Ronaldo’s view, the media is targeting him everywhere.Indeed, in recent years, the media have always arbitrarily judged Ronaldo, and there is still a lot of criticism.They treat me like criminals, and they don’t understand me at all.Ronaldo once expressed his dissatisfaction so outspokenly.3. Real Madrid did not give a sufficient sense of security. Although Cristiano Ronaldo was accused by the judicial department, Real Madrid will also issue a statement at the first time to come in solidarity with Cristiano Ronaldo.But in Ronaldo’s view, such an approach is far from enough. He feels that he is responsible for these things alone, and Real Madrid has not given enough support.4. Looking for freshness. In fact, in the Rockets media, there will always be some reports about Cristiano Ronaldo wanting to return to Manchester United. Of course, such reports will naturally not be any trend.For Cristiano Ronaldo, he no longer wants to play for the Spanish team, and this tax evasion may really cause Cristiano Ronaldo to return to the Dream Theater.5. Could not be a model. The Spanish prosecutor’s repeated accusations against Ronaldo hurt Ronaldo. The Portuguese superstar repeatedly stated that he did everything he could.However, the Spanish judicial system has brought him a lot of influence. Now Ronaldo feels that he can’t be a model because of the news, which is very unfair to him.