[Effects and effects of making rhubarb]_ making rhubarb _ expectation _ benefits

[Effects and effects of making rhubarb]_ making rhubarb _ expectation _ benefits

The effectiveness and effect of rhubarb can be manifested in many places. It can better help us clear heat and dehumidify. At the same time, it can also treat problems such as unfavorable stool and dry stool.Very good therapeutic effect.

1. After rhubarb is fried, the rhubarb anthracene derivatives are replaced, and its rot and diarrhea and rhein are significantly reduced. The effect of heating on the melt is reduced, so the diarrhea is weakened and the convergence is relatively enhanced.It is now believed that the supplements contained in rhubarb are effective ingredients for reducing tendons and urea nitrogen. It can be directly seen that the effect of raw rhubarb is strong, and the effect of making rhubarb is weak. In clinical practice, patients with unobstructed stool use raw rhubarb;Use system rhubarb.

Rhubarb has a classic taste: bitter, cold.

Go to the stomach, spleen, large intestine, liver, pericardium.

2, function indications: with purgative laxative effect, used for heat accumulation in the body, constipation, abdominal distension, pain refusal to press, even high fever, dizzy slang, such as Dachengqi decoction; or insufficient spleen-yangCold accumulation of constipation, such as warm spleen soup.

Detoxification and antipyretic effect, used for heat sore, red eye pain, sore tongue, gingival swelling and pain, such as rhubarb peony skin soup.

The effect of stasis stasis and pass through menstruation is used to stop the menstruation of stasis and blood stasis, postpartum stasis, accumulation of dysentery, and bruises, stasis and soreness.

Heat-clearing and dehumidifying effect, used for jaundice of damp-heat stagnation, unfavorable urination, dry stool; hot shower, stone shower such as Bazhengsan.

It can also be used to cool blood to stop bleeding, used for vomiting blood, bleed blood, blood in the stool, bleeding, and red vaginal discharge.

3. Modern clinical can be used to treat epidemic meningitis, lobar pneumonia, acute biliary tract infection, acute mumps, acute appendicitis, acute infectious jaundice hepatitis, acute enteritis, bacterial dysentery, gastrointestinal bleeding, laryngitis, gumsInflammatory abscess, dermatitis, eczema, gonorrhea, shingles, etc.

The system rhubarb diarrhea slows down, purging fire and detoxifying.

For fire poison sores, positive and evil evidence.