What are the benefits of hot yoga practice

What are the benefits of hot yoga practice

Maybe you know yoga, maybe you have heard of high temperature yoga, but do you know what is high temperature yoga?

Do you know hot yoga?

What are the benefits of practicing high-temperature yoga?

Today I will introduce what is hot yoga and its benefits.

  What is hot yoga Hot yoga, also known as “hot yoga”, was founded by Indian yoga master Bikram Choudhury and his wife.

With fixed room temperature around 38 ℃ and strict ventilation system, 26 fixed yoga postures can be completed in 60 minutes.

  Hot yoga is especially suitable for people who walk into the yoga room for the first time.

Because hot yoga is 38 ℃?
Training in a closed room at 40 ° C, certain functions of the human body are in an excited state, blood circulation is accelerated, and the secretion of lubricating fluid at the joints of the joints is increased. The human body can quickly enter the training action state with less warm-up.

Yoga training in this environment will reduce the chance of injury and eliminate physical tension.

  Just like the hot yoga founder Bikram ‘s metaphor for the image of hot yoga, after heating a piece of steel, it can easily change its shape with a hammer. Therefore, at 40 ° C indoor temperature, the muscles that are hardened by the exercise can be softened andMuscles.

In this way, even the body that usually moves by itself can easily complete different squeezing actions, and it is not easy to be injured.

  Hot Yoga freshmen in India, founded by Indians Bikram on the basis of Hatha Yoga, are generally performed in rooms with a room temperature of 38 degrees Celsius to 42 degrees Celsius.

In the concept of local people, practicing yoga in a hot and hot environment is healthy for the body.

More than a decade ago, Westerners used modern heating equipment to reproduce the high-temperature practice environment of traditional Indian yoga, and developed a new type of yoga-hot yoga, also called hot yoga or hot yoga.

  As a branch of yoga, hot yoga was first spread in the United States. Madonna and NBA star Michael Jordan are all fans of it.

Hot yoga training in China in the past two years has become an emerging project of exercise rooms in Beijing, Shanghai and other big cities.

  ”The high temperature of 38-42 ethyl acetate” should be the most distinctive feature of hot yoga.

“Exercising in a high-temperature environment must be to restore the local hot temperature in India, so that the efficacy of yoga can naturally erupt from the human body. Replacement, the body is easy to be injured when practicing yoga without heat, especially in cold seasonAnd to those soft and lacking practitioners, high temperature is like heating a piece of steel and then easily changing its shape with a hammer.

“The benefits of practicing high-temperature yoga1 are to regulate one’s mood and stress, to make his mood peaceful and optimistic.

  2. Reduce fat quickly.

  3. It has a therapeutic effect on long-term insomnia, migraine, back pain, vertebral disease, gastrointestinal diseases, and can also reduce wrinkles and make people feel young and other effects.

  4. Stimulate the lymphatic system, expel toxins from the body, quickly eliminate fat, and make the skin beautiful and shiny.

  5. Enhance muscle firmness, exercise softness and prevent sports injuries.

  6, improve the heart and lung function, promote blood metabolism, help digestion and improve the body’s immunity.

  7, through regulating the pressure to achieve the role of promoting sleep.

  8. Balance diet and regulate endocrine.

  9. Enhance the autonomic nervous system, cultivate concentration and increase self-confidence.

  10. Promote blood circulation.

It is suitable for people with good health, no serious illness or hidden danger, and people who want to lose weight and detox.

Heart disease, high blood pressure, severe eye and ear diseases, diabetes, overwhelming illness, maternal, sub-healthy people are not suitable for practice.

  After reading the above introduction, I wonder if you have any further understanding of hot yoga?

There are many benefits to practicing high-temperature yoga. If high-temperature yoga is helpful to you, you can practice.