In the service area,The two took a break,Then Xia Jian drove,Yao Junli sits to rest。Xia Jian is good at driving a good car,This speed is not lower than Yao Junli’s。

After hours of rushing,Before dawn,Yao Junli’s car quietly parked in the parking lot of Pingdu People’s Hospital。
When Xia Jian and Yao Junli appeared in front of He Jing’s bed at the same time,Ouyang Hong was surprised and opened her mouth wide.,She asked softly:“I’m not dreaming!“Xia Jian gently patted Ouyang Hong on the shoulder,Comforted her,And walked to He Jing’s bed。
He Jing at this time,Is already weak,There are oxygen tubes in her nostrils。I saw her eyes closed tightly,The monitor at the bedside makes an annoying cry。
He Jing’s mother sat on the other side of He Jing tearfully,A man in his thirties,Staring at He Jing on the hospital bed with expressionless eyes。
Xia Jian walked over,Reached out and touched He Jing’s wrist lightly。Her pulse,This made Xia Jian’s heart startled。
At this moment,He Jing’s mother stood up,She bowed to Xia Jian and said:“Thanks to Mr. Xia for taking care of our family He Jing,It’s a pity that my woman is fate,I can’t repay you in this life“
“Aunt!You must not say that,He Jing and I are good friends“When Xia Jian said this,,A sorrow hit my heart,Tears almost came out at this moment。
at this time,He Jing, who kept her eyes tightly closed, opened her eyes,When she saw Xia Jian and Yao Junli in front of her,Two tears rolled down from the corner of my eyes。Yao Junli hurriedly covered her mouth with her hand,Crying and ran out of the ward。
He Jing looked at Xia Jian,The corners of the mouth rise slightly,She wants to laugh,But didn’t laugh out loud。at this time,The monitor screamed。Xia Jian saw that the wavy line had become a straight line,At this time,He Jing quietly closed her eyes。
“crystal!You can’t go!“He Jing’s mother burst into tears。
Ouyang Hong pressed the pager on the bedside,The doctor rushed in with the nurse in seconds,After a simple check,The doctor said painfully:“Mourning“Then turned and left。
When the white sheet covers He Jing’s face,Xia Jian’s two lines of tears finally shed,He can’t believe it,Such a young life disappeared before his eyes。
Ouyang Hong wailed loudly,She turned around,He hugged Xia Jian tightly。The ward at this time has been crying。Ho Jing’s husband,Which thirty year old man,Never shed a tear,He appears very calm and composed。He Jing personally pushed to the morgue。
I don’t know who called Guo Meili,Just when everyone is heartbroken,Guo Meili rushed to the hospital with Xi Zhen and Lin Wei。Subsequently,Murong Sisi and Wang Huimin are here too。
Everyone is sad,No one would have thought that He Jing would leave suddenly。Sad,Life still needs to go on。He Jing’s funeral will be held two days later。Xia Jian and Ouyang Hong、Yao Junli was there all the time。When all this is over,Xia Jian has always been strong,It turned out to be like a serious illness。
When Bai Ruyu left last time,Since he was not there,So he is sad,But it didn’t make people so broken this time。
He Jing Yi left,She immediately transferred her store in Donglin Building,This made Xia Jian feel even more unhappy。He is also going to let He Jing slowly penetrate,Ready to occupy a place in the sales of electrical appliances in Pingdu。I never thought she left so early。
Just when He Jing finished the seven issues,Xia Jianbian and Yao Junli,And Ouyang Hong secretly went to Lingguang Temple。For Xia Jian and Yao Junli, such a thing,Actually nothing,The key issue is that Ouyang Hong is in,So they can only go up the mountain secretly。
Which is a dusk,The sun has set down the mountain,The night is slowly covering it。Xia Jian parked the car under the mountain,Taking Yao Junli and Ouyang Hong onto the Lingguang Temple。