Blueness suddenly looked at him seriously.,“Chu Feiyang,I see you three years old.。”

Chu Feiyang:“”He looks clear than them.,Ok?。
Hum hum!!He is brave to do itself,Not moving for anyone。
He bowed,Continue to eat。
Blue and laugh,Not talking。
Su Seiming, not far away,Red wine in hand,Elegant,Take out your phone,Low head,The shining light shines on his handsome face,Handsome guy is this overbearing,No matter which angle,Be very handsome。
He lifted,Mobile phone camera is right and blue,Lu Si chatting music。
Stat it with her,Send to Muzi。
Video from different angles,He sent several videos to Mu Zizi。
Mu Ziyou has been sitting in the study。
He didn’t do anything,Quietly sitting quietly,Dark eyes look quietly outside the window,I don’t know what I am thinking.?
Maybe it is waiting for the surprise that I can’t think of,Or otherw。
Xu Feng sent a glass of water to come in,I have a distressed look at my son lonely back.,For her son,This is a double blow,I can only cure his heart with time.,Her silently turned away。
WeChat prompt audio,His heart is also tight.,immediately,I quickly saw a mobile phone on the desk.,His whole person is nervous。
I saw the phone for a while.,He only presses the switch of the wheelchair.,Reach,Hand is a little trembling,He slowly pick up the phone,Seeing the news that Su Shengming sent。
He slightly, a dry lip,Click on the video。
Video,He saw the beautiful face of Le Yu,Her smile,Also let him have no temperature over the temperature,Gradually have a slight temperature and smile。
Until I saw the last video ,His face has gradually increased,And more gentle。
Tonight is very beautiful tonight,Soft hair,A red dress is noble,Standing in Blue Xin and Lu Si,Helloun and dazzling。
This is the woman he first in love.,No matter how you look like。
He bent down the lips,Essentially flashed。
At this time,Su Sei Ming sent a news,“Son,Love is two people,Le Yu, see you didn’t come.,Ambiguous。”
Mu Ziyi saw this sentence,Sinking slightly,It’s very soon,妍,Have all he。
He bowed,Take your own injured legs,No pain。
He is full of stunning,Then just jumped mood,I quickly fell into the Ice Valley。
actually,He really wants to go this evening.,I really want to see her.,She cried and left that day.,He has always worried。
His finger belly,Gently depict the face in the video,I want to use the charming and moving face in my heart.,Don’t forget your life forever。
Su Sei Ming is also waiting for the news of Mu Zizi,A few minutes,Never see Mu Zi’s reply,He also gives up completely。
He also knows,Mu Zihao will not return him again.,This birthday party is very small,But everyone is very happy.。
Ou Jing 尧 Talk to today’s Shouxing,Leave Lu Haoheng and Lin Wei,I came over and saw Su Shengming.,I touched the cup in his hand.,I drink myself myself.,Asked:“Give Muzi House news。”
NS869chapter:Who do you say, who has one leg?
Su Seiming nodded,“But he did not reply to me. ,But the video he must see,His personality,I know my character,Should always wait for me to send a video,After reading this video,He should sleep well tonight.。”