Downstairs,Xia Jian wanted to drive his own car,But Hu Huiru refused。She stopped a car on the side of the road,And took Xia Jian to the hotel where she lived。

Hu Huiru is the group boss,So she doesn’t seem to be stingy in spending money。The room she lives in is luxurious。The layout and facilities inside,Don’t even mention it。
Once in the room,Hu Huiru opened the curtain on the floor-to-ceiling glass。Looking out through the glass。Almost the entire city can be reclaimed。
“Not bad, Mr. Hu!You really know where to choose”Xia Jian admired,Sat on the single sofa in front of the balcony。Not to mention,It’s so pleasant。
Hu Huiru first took off her high heel boots,And then took off his coat。Only a thin needle jersey remains。As the clothes are close-fitting,The curve of Hu Huiru’s body was revealed in an instant。Xia Jian was a little embarrassed and looked away。
Hu Huiru is generous,Not stiff at all。She made two glasses of water first,Then I sat across from Xia Jian。Elegant and generous,Yet sexy。Xia Jian looked at her,I actually looked away。
“Hey Mr. Xia!I received a call from the group yesterday,Said that Mr. Xiao sent a letter,Said you are no longer in their company?Is this true?”Hu Huiru took him to his hotel,The original intention is here。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“Correct!I came out of Xiao Xiao’s company。But the contract you signed with them continues to take effect”Xia Jian said very calmly。
“People are all second to the palace,You are out of the palace。How about this!Don’t go anywhere,Come to Dongsheng Group,I have given you the seat of your vice president,Don’t refuse me,Unless you have a reason to convince me”Hu Huiru said,I laughed first。She smiled beautifully,Whole body trembling。
Xia Jian took a deep breath and said:“Thank you Mr. Hu for your kindness。If I still work out,,You must be the first choice, Mr. Hu”
“What do you mean?You want to disarm and return?impossible!I have retired at such a young age?”Hu Huiru looked disbelief。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“Been out for so many years,Has always been a migrant worker。Not working for others,Is doing things for others。I figured it out this time,I want to set up a company by myself”
“Oh!You have a good idea,It seems that Pingdu has one more competitor”Hu Huiru heard that Xia Jian would do it alone,Inevitably a little lost。
Xia Jian sensed Hu Huiru’s unhappiness,Immediately changed the subject and said:“Wang Youcai will open a small clinic tomorrow,I don’t know if Mr. Hu will come to join us?”
“Oh!I really didn’t think about it。Maybe Xia always give me an idea,Shall I go or not?”Hu Huiru is really amazing,Asked about Xia Jian。