“You are late,I’m done!”

Fang Yu said。
Then went out。
Ready to analyze,Find out the person who released the poisonous insects behind the scenes。
Master said,A person who can possess poisonous insects。
He is also an extremely powerful person,Some people use their bodies to nourish poison,Finally achieve their goal。
Such people,Can’t let it go!
“These poisonous insects,Can you study it?”
Seeing Fang Yu holding a petri dish,Bi Shujun asked。
“These poisonous insects are not for research……I am looking for someone!”Fang Yu made sure。
“Find someone?These poisonous insects only harm people,How could you find someone?”
Bi Shujun said strangely。
“Someone deliberately released poisonous insects,Just want to raise poisonous insects……If the scale becomes larger……No matter how fast the operation is done。Treat the symptoms but not the root cause!”
Fang Yu pondered。
“This is……but,How to find out?This person,It must not be ordinary people?”
Bi Shujun also heard from the instructor,When young,They have also met people who raise poisonous insects。
They serve some people!
Just to clear it out unconsciously……