Chengde established the "Eighth Five-Year Plan" Police Workers Volunteer Service Team

This newspaper (correspondent Sizhi Tong) Recently, Hebei Chengde City Federation of Trade Unions, Municipal Justice Bureau, Municipal People’s Social Security Bureau, and Municipal Lawyers Association jointly issued a "eight-five" law workers volunteer service team in the city, helping to optimize The city’s development environment further meets the growing rule of law needs of the staff, and all the volunteer service team formation work is completed before the end of February 2022. It is understood that members of the city’s "Eighth Five-Year Plan" volunteer service team are mainly composed of 8 types of personnel: full-time lawyers; familiar with legal and party regulations, union cadres at all levels; judicial, human society, petition, public security, prosecution, court , The lawyers association and other departmental staff; experts, scholars, scholars; familiarity, practical experience, physical health, and employee; familiar with legal model; political conditions, legal conditions Other people in line with.

In terms of team construction scale, it is mainly divided into three levels. The city has built the "Eighth Five-Year Plan" Police Workers Volunteer Service Corps, which is divided by the Chairman of the President, the Minister of Rights and Interests, and the Minister of Rights, and the Minister of Legal Work. The volunteer service teams that have not been 100 volunteers are divided by the Chair, the head of the captain, the rights and interest guarantee and the head of the Legal Work Department shall be a liaison; the county-level union of the county level in the county level is not less than 3 people volunteer service teams. , Realize legal services, local full coverage. According to reports, each volunteer service team will vigorously promote the "Constitution" "Civil Code" "Labor Law" "Labor Law" "Labor Controversial Arbitration Law", "Regulations on the Regulations on the Regulations on the Saving Migrant Workers’ Payment Ordinance" and other laws Regulations and policies.

At the same time, we will in depth enterprise to guide the law and create a rule of law culture.