Until I saw the war puppet left by Li Tianzhen,The old man Dong, who was deeply shocked, said that although he figured out some truth,But in fact, I’m still watching the sky,This kind of puppet resembling a real person is the real masterpiece。

That’s why Old Man Dong has paid more attention and thoughts to Li Tianzhen,But then I witnessed the battle on the sea with my own eyes,Li Tianzhi broke out,This son and the monstrous power of the demon brought the old man Dong’s feelings of sitting in a well and watching the sky to the extreme,Let the old man deeply understand what the world is,What is the truth。
According to Li Tianzhen’s magical powers,Old man Dong secretly discusses,Even if his uncle came in person,Far from its opponent,Suffering from gains and losses,His worries far outweigh comfort,It is comforting to have such a master,But once this son swells,Who can control him?
Even if Li Tianzhen was generous and copied the essentials of puppetry to him,Old man Dong’s worries have not diminished at all,So I have the idea to advance the complete eradication of the Wumingshan monster,This operation is a touchstone,What is the influence of Gu Changfeng and others on Li Tianzhi,Li Tianzhen’s internal qualities and his future trends, etc.,It all depends on his performance in this battle。
Although this is a double risk,But Old Man Dong asked himself that he has no selfishness,Time advancement can’t change anything,After all, the overall strength of mortal practitioners is too weak,Neither advance nor delay will affect substantive things,Make the emergency plan adequate,Loss reduction is the key issue。
The battle of puppets won’t end,But Gu Changfeng and the war puppet were dragged into that mysterious tent by the old man surnamed Jiang.,Old Dong apologized to the instructor and Lan Ling and smiled,Leave with little Cui helplessly。
“Now old Gu can take it,It’s the same without being peeled。”From beginning to end,The instructors want to laugh,But there is no chance,Now has a chance,He can’t laugh again。
“Mr. Dong won’t have any other thoughts about Li Tianzhen, right??”
“Hard to say,But this action is critical。”
“Ha ha,It’s useless to have ideas,He can do nothing。”
“Say so,But it is always difficult。”The instructor shook his head,Looking at the setting sun in the sky like blood,Unexplained heart tightens,His worry is not here,But a two-day battle,He always felt that Old Man Dong’s idea was too simple,Not fully considering the consequences,Once you can’t hold the big monster,It’s useless to make a complete emergency plan,According to Li Tianzhu’s previous statement,Such a great magician,Hard to be killed,Really got rid of this monster,That would be a disaster。
“you misunderstand me,I’m worried that Mr. Dong won’t be able to take it。”
Lan Ling seems to have the same idea as the instructor,Just a different angle,Frowning,Obviously there are deep concerns。
Into the night,A faint light trail slipped from the top of the Temple of Wumingshan,A huge black unicorn appears,Shenjun very,Shake head and tail,Just about to roar up to the sky,Li Tianzhen slapped him on the back,So the roar turned into a hiccup。
Trapped in Yunshan Caijiayuan,Let the black unicorn live extremely boring,Come out with Li Tianzhen again this time,Naturally, there is no more excitement,Especially Qi Ling is hindering Li Xiucheng’s face to release its body,So the soul returns,Soaring combat power,Various magical powers can be used without obstacles,In fact, except for the soul-locking decision Li Tianzhen held in his hand,It’s almost a free body。