“Xiang Chen, you seem to be thin!”

“no way,Nowadays, takeaways are sealed with plastic wrap,I can’t eat it at all,Originally not covered,I can’t eat it anymore!”
Chapter Thirty Nine Industry monopoly
As an old father,Xiang Chen fulfilled Xiangyang’s small wish despite the dangers,As for why I was not troubled afterwards,Xiang Chen himself was a little surprised,After all, it’s perfect to make it by myself,With the ruthless words that Xiangyang left when he was parting,Some people can find themselves easily。
But three or four days after showing off with Xiangyang,Xiang Chen is still safe and sound,I didn’t even receive a complaint about takeaway。Finally, Xiang Chen cancelled the plans to run away,Owe all this to a harmonious society,Xiang Chen also resumed his previous bullying behavior。
“Brother Xiang,Do you still have to rest early today?”
After receiving Xiang Chen’s call,Tian Dazhuang hurried over。
The so-called happy event,I think I can receive more than 20 orders in the afternoon,Tian Dazhuang’s mood is particularly refreshing。the most important is,Tian Dazhuang recently met a freshman from Wanghai University,That girl will order takeout every day,Thanks to Xiangchen,Tian Dazhuang sees that girl every day。
“Big and strong,I see your Yintang is black,Isn’t it a peach blossom luck??”
According to the chance of encountering Korean Xiang,Xiang Chen self-studied a set of five elements and eight trigrams to face the art,Every day when I get up, Xiang Chen will carefully observe himself in the mirror,A set of operations,It’s true that Xiang Chen hasn’t met Police Officer Han for a long time.。
So when Xiang Chen saw Tian Dazhuang’s appearance,Sometimes lost,Sometimes there is spring breeze,Xiang Chen guessed that it was related to women in all likelihood。
“Brother Xiang, you teased me again,How could a poor boy like me be lucky!”
I was stared at by Xiang Chen for a while,Tian Dazhuang’s eyes kept dodging,When talking,Also a bit shy。