Chapter six hundred and ninety four Two days later

He has two days,What kind of results will appear in these two days,There is no other way to know but wait and see。
But the situation is not optimistic now,This day-rank martial arts is definitely not so easy to practice,Even if Xia Chenglong is a genius,Still very difficult。
With the vibration of the surrounding air,The birds and beasts in this piece were disturbed by Xia Chenglong,Occasionally a crow flies by from a distance,Provoke other spirit beasts to look up。
They naturally know what happened,That place hasn’t stopped in two days,The shocking sound from time to time makes these spirit beasts miserable。
The point is that they dare not have any dissatisfaction,After all, that person is close to the peak of the Saint Realm,Not they can get involved。
Two days later,Sit cross-legged on the stone platform,Hang your hands naturally at your knees,Between the legs and hands is the Howling Sword!
Come with twilight,The setting sun in the distance dyed the clouds in the sky red,The occasional light shines on Xia Chenglong’s face,Quite a knight!
Toss him hard in the past two days,The mental outlook of the whole person is not very good,The messy hair proves his situation。
But when I opened my eyes,The bright light is the best affirmation of him。
Xiaotianjian makes a sound naturally,Then floated in the air。
Xia Chenglong said nothing,Disappear from the same place,Holding the Howling Sword,Very split left and right,Then in a roar, holding the sword in both hands and cutting it forward。
“One sword,The second type tree pours into the sea!”
At this moment, the aura of heaven and earth gathers in Xiaotian sword body,Make that extraordinary sword appear thicker and stronger。
Next moment,Leaving at the moment of spiritual energy concentration。