[Encyclopedia of healthy nutrition to make cakes]_how to do_how to do

[Encyclopedia of healthy nutrition to make cakes]_how to do_how to do

The cake may now be as widespread in China as our Chinese pasta buns.

Many people now have a few cakes and a pinch of milk for breakfast, which is simple and nutritious.

In fact, there are many cake shops now, and cakes are easy to buy. In fact, the practice of cakes is very simple.

As long as we take a look at the cake making recipes, a lot of delicious cake recipes come out.

The Qifeng cake method requires the preparation of tools: 1. 2 stainless steel pans for eggbeating (a larger eggbeater is used to beat the egg white, and a smaller one is used to beat the egg yolk and then mix the egg yolk paste.) 2. Egg divider: used to separate egg whites and egg yolks 3. Flour sieve: used to sieve small flour particles in flour 4, electronic scale 5, measuring cup 6, cake bottom with live bottom (8 for this recipeInch round cake mold) 7, manual eggbeater and electric eggbeater 8, rubber scraper: used to mix batter cotton cake material: 4 eggs low flour flour 50g milk 50g corn oil 40g granulated sugar 40g white vinegar 2 drops1g of refined salt. Separate the egg yolk and egg white from the 13 eggs in the procedure, and mix 3 egg yolks with 1 whole egg.

Step 2 beat into egg yolk liquid.

Step 3 Add milk and stir well with chopsticks.

Step 4: Pour corn oil into the pan and heat to a slight boiling. When the texture appears, immediately add the sifted low-gluten flour and remove from the heat. Stir quickly to a hot dough. Continue to stir until smooth.spare.

(Note: The corn oil can be boiled until it is slightly boiled. If the oil is cooked for too long or too hot, it will cause the flour to be burned when adding low flour, because the flour still has the temperature, and it is easy to burn the eggs when adding eggs.Familiarity, causing all operations to fail.

) Step 5 After the hot dough is slightly cooled, add salt, pour the egg yolk solution several times, and mix well with a spatula. Note that each time you mix well, pour the next time, and use an eggbeater to stir into a flowable thin solution.Pasty egg yolk batter.

Step 2 Add 2 drops of white vinegar to the protein, and use an electric eggbeater to beat at a low speed until it forms a fish-eye bubble.

Step 7 Add 1/3 fine granulated sugar to the protein.

Then pass 8 until the protein paste bubbles become fine, then add the remaining 2/3 fine sugar to the protein.

Step 9 Pass to wet foaming (lift the eggbeater, the protein stands upright but slightly sags at the tip), do not beat it to dryness, or it will be difficult to stir with the egg yolk liquid.

Step 10 Transfer the beaten egg whites to yolk batter.

Step 11: Use a spatula to flip up from the bottom and mix well. Be careful not to stir in circles, otherwise it will easily lead to good protein defoaming.

Step 12: Pour the mixed egg yolk paste back into the protein paste, and use the same method to stir and mix until the protein and egg yolk paste are fully mixed to become a cake paste.

Step 13 Pour the mixed cake paste into a greased paper mold, shake it a few times, and shake off the large bubbles.

Place the mold on a baking pan with hot water, place it in a preheated oven at 170 ° C, and bake the lower layer for 10 minutes, then turn to 150 ° C for 40 minutes.

After baking, pierce the cake with a toothpick and remove the toothpick. There is no residue on the cake to indicate that the cake is fully cooked.

After being released from the oven, it will be buckled on the grill immediately after cooling.