Do you know the taboo of picking up children?

Do you know the taboo of picking up children?

[Guide]Parents pay attention: Do you know any taboos when picking up children?

I hope the following 5 taboos will help you.

A taboo “sweet water waiting”.

We often see parents holding a bottle of sweet drink when picking up their children, lest the children drink enough water in kindergarten.

In fact, there is “sweet water waiting” every day, but it will affect the child’s normal drinking water in the kindergarten. If it continues, it will affect the child’s health.

We should encourage children to drink boiled water, because boiled water contains many trace elements that the body cannot replace.

Two bogey “snack compensation”.

Some parents are afraid that their children will not be full in kindergarten. When picking up their children, they will bring out various snacks for their children to choose.

As a result, children may not have a good dinner in the kindergarten because of anticipating snack supplements, or “leave aside” for a long time, which will affect the child’s health.

Three bogey “ask the roots”.

The family ‘s longing for the child is understandable after leaving the whole day, but when the child returns home, the whole family will ask the child around the child, which will make the child unable to answer, or even be anxious, it will increase the child ‘s “unsuitability” for kindergartenFeel.

Children’s emotions are affected by the objective environment. Adults’ nervousness and worry performance will directly affect children and cause children to worry.

Four bogey “accommodate indulgence”.

When a child is unhappy, he often loses his temper somehow.

Children in small classes sometimes show signs of “coquettishness” or “deception.”

At this time, parents should not treat him with sympathy. They can use the method of distracting to dispel the unhappiness of the child’s heart, and must not “accommodate and indulge” in principle.

Five taboos “partial listening and partial faith.”

Parents are not assured of a child who has just entered the school, and will ask many questions to the child.

Because children at this stage are often difficult to distinguish between imagination and reality, sometimes they say something that is inconsistent with reality.

Sometimes something unpleasant happens between children. Children often say “someone hit me.” In this case, parents cannot “partially listen to partial faith” or even understand the real situation.

In addition, children often have the end of the question as an answer when answering a question, such as an adult asking: “Did you urinate pants today?

The child replied: “Natural diapers.

“Are you full?”

“Answer:” Not full.

“Parents are advised to communicate with their teachers when they encounter problems, so as to objectively understand the situation of their children in the park, so as to avoid any misunderstanding.