The people come from charging anxiety, new energy vehicles can healthily

In 2021 National Day holiday, driving new energy vehicles self-driving travel has become a new phenomenon.

However, when "queued for four hours, charge an hour" became the dream of the owner, cracking the battery life of new energy vehicles, charging anxiety is imminent.

One flaws to improve the battery life, and the installation of charging piles has been proven to be far enough, scientific layout, and improve the system. First, the scientific layout charging pile is not only more quality.

The charging pile is used as the hardware used in the new energy vehicle, and its quantity and quality directly affect the experience of new energy vehicles.

The actual battery life of most new energy vehicles in China is about two or three hundred kilometers, integrated actual road conditions and service area interval, basically maintained at a level of each two hundred kilometers.

This means to meet the needs of the owners, the settings and construction of charging piles must revolve around the actual needs of domestic vehicles.

This year, the highway service area around some extra large cities has become a high-out point of the new energy car queue charging, the reason is that the number of charge piles is not enough and the charging quality is not good.

This gives the designer and builder of the charging pile, how to make the number, how to determine the quantity? Increase the number of charging piles in the service area, activate the usage rate of the surrounding towns and towns, and coordinate the charging piles of the serial servants on both sides of the highway to effectively relieve congestion. Second, charging piles should maintain good operations and management.

Since the charging pile is mostly mounted outdoors, the frequency is high, and it is easy to fail. This National Day holiday, "there is more deactivated charging pile" "" The charging of charging piles "" Recently, the Internet "" frequent automatic shutdown ", etc., the owner reflects the most problem.

In the case where there is no on-site maintenance personnel, many owners can only frequently replace the charging pile or even move the next service area. To break the dilemma of "eight piles of the seven bad", it is necessary to provide maintenance management personnel according to the actual situation, such as the service area with a larger than 24-hour values ??in the holiday, ensuring that the equipment remains continuous. In addition, it is also necessary to upgrade the hardware, software equipment of the charging pile, ensuring that the charging speed charging standard meets the latest vehicle requirements. At the same time, charging management needs to improve institutional measures to ensure efficient order. On the Internet, some owners reflected that they did not dare to go even when they were worried, they did not dare to go during the queuing and charging, which was hard to work, which was caused by lack of orderly on-site guidance. The owners can only confirm the order in the manner, but the situation in which dozens of cars queue is inevitably caused.

In fact, the length of the charging of the owner is not limited to one of the reasons for congestion. Some owners are leaving, and the charging end has not returned; some owners have more than 90% of the charging power, and the current speed is equivalent to slow charging. Still insisting on charging (more than 85% fast charging pile current is reduced, charging speed is equivalent to slow charge), not only delaying your time more delayed. All this cannot be solved only by persuading, only developing a perfect management system and regulations, and is strictly implemented by the on-site maintenance personnel to greatly improve charging efficiency. At present, all localities all over my country have developed new energy vehicles. As of September 2021, domestic new energy vehicles have reached 6.78 million, but there are still many consumers who have hesitation to buy new energy cars.

Only through scientific layout, good maintenance, fine management, let the owners can charge, charge peace, comfort, and to guide new energy automotive industries.

(Editor: Tong Zong Li, Fu Drarse) Sharing let more people see.