He has just felt that it has already hit it.,But when Li Hui is still twenty centime,Suddenly, I was already playing.。

Li Hui has no action without any action.,He is so hard to be flying out.。
“Lee brother,This is the first day?”
Song Kaiyuan thinks that it will be very strong,But but I didn’t expect it to be so strong.,Strong let him give birth to a powerful。
“Hey-hey,I don’t know this.,But then I have to attack.,Song Dago is ready to prepare!”
I heard Li Hui’s words,What I want to say in Song Kaiyuan,However, Li Hui Feng is a ghost, which is generally bulky.。
His instinctive counterattack,The result is a pain under the rib.,Directly by Li Hui Feng。
“Percussion protection,Have to pay attention。”
Say this,Li Hui Hui suddenly flashed behind the opponent。
“Lingtai no protection,Medium recruitment。”
Song Kaiyuan heard Li Hui’s voice,The instinct wants to defense。
As a result, I feel that the spine is bun.,Even directly involved in the whole body.。
Obviously he has already moved,But it was so gently by Li Hui Feng.,But immediately feel that it is powerful。
It is good to follow the style of the style.,Otherwise, he feels again.,That is really shameful.。
Han Shanshan did not expect to reverse it so fast。
Previously, Li Hui has been pressed against the Song Dynasty.,Just just a moment,Li Hui Hui let Song Song is so weak to sit on the ground.。
“Song Dado,Understand my meaning??”
Li Hui Feng, helping the Song Dynasty,Then gently give the other party’s spiritual power to help each other recover。
Song Kaiyuan is naturally the spiritual power of Li Hui Feng to his transmission.。
Immediately widened,Looking at Li Hui:“Lee brother,Just now, I used my internal strength to hear.?”
“Forehead,It’s just!”
Song Kaiyuan smiled:“It seems that I still didn’t practice home.,I will only hick at the mountain.,But there is no more intimate in other people without such internal strength.,Then not hurt the other side,If I have not guess wrong,Li La’s internal force is to use it in the treatment of people.,It should also become a doctor.。”
“Hey-hey,Song Dago said this is true.,But use this method to giving people sickness,I may be exhausted。”
Say this,Li Hui Feng reminded the Song Kaiyuan。
“Two acupoints just,Song Big Brother is necessary to practice hard,You have also seen it just now.,I just greeted it.,You lose your fighting power.。”
“Um,Go back, I will practice hard.。”
Although this is said,But the heart of Song Kaiyuan is a bitter laugh.。
That is, I have encountered Li Hui Feng, which will protect improper.,But if you encounter the same level, he feels that the other party has just arrived behind him.,He can let each other fly away.。
“Lee brother,Just now I use a trick, I can’t accept you.,You have not felt fear?”
“Hey-hey,But Song Da Ge killed me??”
Mention this,Song Kaiyuan is also a bitter:“no,However, I really have to arouse the previous kind of good fight.,At the same time, I don’t care.,Don’t believe that I am so big with your gap.,But the reality is given me a good lesson.。”