Fortunately not a boyfriend,It seems he still has a chance。

Liu Wendong’s hometown is in Fujian,Son is abroad,No other relatives in Shenzhen。Yu Shi and Ji Yunfeng can accompany her like this,Zhou Wanqiu was very moved。
the next day,Chu Xichen checked Liu Wendong again,Make sure he is fine,Just need to be hospitalized for observation for a few days。
Zhou Wanqiu doesn’t want to bother with poetry,Urged her and Ji Yunfeng to go back。
I know Liu Wendong is fine,Yushi is relieved。Repeatedly told Chu Xichen to take care of her uncle,Just left with Ji Yunfeng。
Almost stayed up all night,Yushi’s mental state is very bad,Ji Yunfeng is also very sleepy,They called a driver,Send them home to sleep。
Yu Shi and Ji Yunfeng sat in the back row together,Ji Yunfeng is here,Yushi is very at ease,Sleep mode is turned on as soon as I get in the car。
When she woke up,I found that I had reached the door of Ji Yunfeng’s house,She is about to tell the driver the address of her home,No one was found in the cab,Drive away。
“Ji Yunfeng,I’m so sleepy,Can’t drive。”Yu Shi thought Ji Yunfeng wanted her to drive back by herself,Protested。
Ji Yunfeng twisted his eyebrows slightly,Innocent:“I didn’t let you drive,Go to my house to sleep。”
what,Go to his house to sleep?
The sleepiness of poetry and poetry disappears instantly,More sober than being poured ice water。
First18chapter sleep together
“Don’t froze,Get off。”Ji Yunfeng has pushed the door and got out of the car。
Yu Shi suddenly felt that she was too stupid,Unconditionally believe that Ji Yunfeng is a gentleman,Sleeping so hard in the car,I don’t know what happened。
and,This man said it was so natural to sleep in his house。