“So lively?”Lu Menglin smiled。

“You go see,They are going to hit someone。”Mother Lu hurriedly said。
Lu Menglin stepped forward,First patted the chubby shoulder,Then smiled at Feng Nan and the others。
“Brother Lu!”
“Brother Lu!”The boys all around shouted in unison。
This one shocked the players in the game hall,This boy looks white,Still a boss?So many brothers?
The two junior high school students heard that there are so many places here,She turned pale with fright,Calf trembling。
“what happened?”Lu Menglin asked casually。
Feng Nan said the matter briefly,Let Lu Menglin look at the number of coins in the machine。
to be frank,Everyone thinks it’s weird,This must be tricky,The question is how did these two junior high school students do it??
They obviously didn’t spend money,But why does it happen when the machine is not damaged,Made so many coins?
The black and thin junior high school student also insisted:“Obviously the problem with the machine,It’s none of our business。Why hit someone?”
Lu Menglin nodded,Smiled:“Really shouldn’t hit people。Our family opens a store and does business,For everyone to have fun,Don’t want such unpleasant things to happen。”