“what!There will be such a thing?But I am also peaceful,Don’t talk about your countryside,Even in our city,For the continuation of the incense,Is it very important to me?,Or nothingDNACheck it out“Xiao Xiao said in surprise。

Xia Jian nodded,No more words。When it comes to this,Xia Jian was really confused。
Time is lost every minute。Two people drinking wine quietly,They drink like this,Let alone two bottles of red wine,Even two more bottles can be finished。
Xia Jian originally wanted to ask about Xiao Xiao’s life-long events,Can think again,He is a man,No need to gossip。So he swallowed the words that came to his lips。
Because no one talks anymore,Plus Xia Jian drank such red wine,Gradually,He actually fell asleep in sleepiness。Listening to his slight purring,Xiao Xiao stood up,She took a blanket from the bed,Cover Xia Jian lightly。
Her movements are extremely light,She was afraid to wake Xia Jian from sleeping。Tonight is destined to be a sleepless night,When I entered the courtyard from Xia Jianyi,Xiao Xiao had already made this preparation。
Xia Jian is going to America,It’s really not in her heart。All the relationship between Xia Jian and Wang Lin,Jin Yimei has already told her very clearly。She felt that Xia Jian and Wang Lin came together,Should be sooner or later。
But what he didn’t expect was,Xia Jian’s remarks tonight,Let her see the true side of things clearly。It seems that in terms of feelings,Xia Jian has always kept a clear head。
There are many women around Xia Jian,And all of them are excellent。As a woman,Xiao Xiao naturally understands this,But Xia Jian is dealing with feelings,Always sane。At least until now,He didn’t have any romantic scandals either。
A ray of light shined through the curtains,Xiao Xiao only knew,They are drinking red wine,Just spent a night like this。It seems that good times are passing by,Sometimes you can’t catch it。
Xia Jian said a dream,Rolled over slightly,Wrapped in a blanket and fell asleep again。It stands to reason that he drove in the middle of the night,I should have a good night’s sleep。But Xiao Xiao felt,It takes a long time to fly to the U.S.,Xia Jian on the plane might as well sleep well。
First, Aunt Ding’s door opening,Then there was the sound of Xia Jian’s mother opening the door。These two old people,Wake up very early every morning,This has been their habit for many years。
Gradually,There are footsteps in the yard,It should be Old Xiao and Xia Jian’s father who also got up。Xiao Xiao suddenly remembered Xia Jian who was sleeping,If he goes out like this,What will everyone think,Thought of here,Xiao Xiao’s face started to feel feverish。This feeling has never happened before。
Just when she was having trouble with how Xia Jian got out of this room,Xia Jian opened his eyes at this moment。He asked a little surprised:“I fell asleep here?“
“You don’t know if you fall asleep?“Xiao Xiao asked back,My face is even redder。
Xia Jian stood up,Moved and said:“Tired of driving,Plus some red wine,I don’t know anything“Xia Jian said,I folded the blanket and put it on Xiao Xiao’s bed。
“They all got up,How are you out now?“Xiao Xiao asked embarrassedly。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“Go out!Let me climb out?“Xia Jian said,Open the door carelessly,When Xiao Xiao reacts,He has gone out。
Yard,Old Xiao is moving,And in the kitchen,Aunt Ding and Sun Yuejuan are already busy making breakfast。Xia Zecheng, who got up late, just walked out of her room。