“The elders of the dignified college would ask me,This is somewhat。。。”Fuming was a little surprised,What can you do with your own ability。

“Wait till tomorrow,The Criminal Law Department of the Outer Court will definitely look for you,You just need to resist the penalty imposed by the Criminal Law Department,I will help you resolve the crisis!”Ren Feng said something。
Fuming frowned“Do you want。。。”Fuming guessed seven or eight,But not sure。
“As long as you know,It depends on whether you can help”Ren Feng looked at Fuming。
Fuming thought a little bit“Can help,But what good do i have?”
“Hahahahaha,The benefits are naturally,If successful,I will let you into the armor storehouse in the outer courtyard,Let you choose a set of platinum armor!how is it”Ren Feng throws out a huge benefit。
My armor was indeed damaged in the last battle,This time is an opportunity“it is good,I promised you”Fuming thought for a while and agreed,After all, this matter does no harm to me,And I can get a set of armor for nothing!
“it is good,That’s it”Ren Feng beat the table。
“If the elder is okay,I left first”Get up and salute and leave
Ren Feng waved his hand“Go”
Wait till leave,The guy who came with Fu Ming said:“Elder,This will give him a set of platinum armor,Is it too cheap for him”
Ren Feng smiled“Lost??No loss!This thing is good and harmless,At least for us,What i asked you to collect?”
“Still following up,They should move soon”
“well”Ren Feng turned and sat back in the chair,The eyes are shining。
Chapter Twenty Three:Great changes in criminal law,Strict Pharaoh
Practicing combat skills in the training room,Whole body hurricane wrap,The halberd in his hand is waving faster and faster,Energy is concentrated on the halberd,Seeing the right time“Combat skills-Hurricane Dance-Gale”One after another, energy light blades lased from the tornado。
“boom。。。。”Five light blades slashed on the wall,Fortunately, the material of the practice room is hard enough,Otherwise, the strength of these light blades is really unbearable。
Knelt down,The sweat on my face is dripping slowly,Look up at the strength test displayed by the machine above,Smiled satisfied“Although it only inspired five blades of light,But this is a good result!”
“Kid,Practice requires relaxation,Don’t make yourself so nervous,It’s pretty good at your stage!”Longyuan’s voice sounded,Although it is comfort,But it means more of appreciation。