Zhu Shiyao said in a loud voice,Pretending to be angry,Zhu Zhengkang repeatedly begged for mercy。

“How dare i despise you,It’s too late to hurt you!”
Zhu Zhengkang made a dare not gesture to his sister,Be brother,Bullied by my sister,In Zhu Zhengkang’s opinion, it is not ashamed。
“I saw Uncle San took an old phone and went out,Do you want to see,Don’t be fooled!”
Zhu Zhengkang looked at his sister,There is some ridicule in the tone。
“My dad still has an old phone?”
Zhu Shiyao was surprised,Thinking of my dad’s old phones,I was deceived thousands of yuan last time I went to repair,I’ve been upset at home for many days。
“I’ll go see?”Zhu Shiyao said with some embarrassment。
“go quickly!Sanshu’s mobile phones,It was really expensive when it first came out,I really can’t sell it now,Stop being fooled,Tea does not think of rice。”
Zhu Zhengkang smiled and said,Then turned his head to look at Guo Enting beside him,To Zhu Shiyao:“My brother-in-law and I have something to say。”
“correct!Grandpa seems to have something to find you,Don’t forget to visit his old man’s place!”
Zhu Shiyao looked at Guo Enting with some worry,But Zhu Zhengkang moved out his grandfather,Zhu Shiyao oh,No longer waiting for my brother’s next urge。
“You guys speak well,Don’t fight!”