As a regular viewer,very clear,This industry looks very glamorous,Actually not easy to do,Many anchors stay up all night to live broadcast,Where can I sit and sing all night,Not a single fly,Pretty boring。

Like brother Hu,Anchor for more than a month,Just mix like this,Is a very rare exception。
Other colleagues and sisters,Hear this,Very speechless,Secretly think:You made so much money yourself,Of course I don’t like the live broadcast。
“The most practical,Or go to Yangcheng another day,Go and mix with Brother Hu,Don’t say how many millions,Can make tens of thousands of pocket money,I’m very satisfied。”
There are not many antique markets in Wenzhou,More famous,It’s Miaoguo Temple Mall and Jiangjunqiao Market。
but,Jiangjunqiao Market is all set on the sidewalk,Affect traffic order,It was banned by relevant authorities a few years ago,Now only Miaoguo Temple Mall is left。
This mall has two forms,One is the shop,The other is a street stall。But there is a time limit for stalls,Only one day a week,Open on saturday,Most people like to come to Taobao。
Unfortunately,Today is not saturday,So I can’t go to the stall。
No difference from other antique markets,The stallholders are basically outsiders,They come from all over the country,Most of the antique treasures sold are imitations,Sometimes some antiques are purchased from the countryside。
“not saying,Didn’t you usually have a stall?”Huazi surprised。
He saw,There is a stall in front,Sells antiques。
Populus could see,This is an illegal stall!but,Not in the antique market,Just outside the street,The market administrators can’t help them。
For some people who specialize in food stalls,Do business one day a week,Really cruel,Illegally set up a stall outside,There is no alternative。
Because there are not many people,Plus it’s working day,So there is no traffic,Looks very deserted。
Hu Yang and they walked over,The stall owner is middle-aged,With a four or five year old child。It’s not easy for men now,Want to make money,Also bring a baby。
Children of this age,When it’s ADHD,Commonly known as low hand。