Tianxia Bachang v. Publishing House won the case, and the latest revision violated the right to modify

Tianxia Bachang v. Publishing House won the case, and the “latest revision” violated the right to modify
On April 27, Wang Yun, a lawyer representing the world ‘s leading singer, released a Weibo account to reveal that in the second trial, the court found that the “latest revised edition” of “Ghost Blowing Lamp” published by Qingdao Publishing House violated the author ‘s right to modify and constituted false publicity.Lawyer Wang Yun mentioned that the main point of this case is that the editors of other publishing houses believe that there is a typographical error in the work, and the modification should also obtain the author ‘s consent, and the author can still obtain economic benefits for the use of the work after transferring the copyright property.Activated rights due to unfair competition in the creation of fan works.Screenshot from Wang Yun’s Weibo.The picture comes from the Internet in 2015. After the world sang on Weibo released its news that it will revise the “Ghost Blowing Lamp”, the publisher modified the novel without permission and took the opportunity to promote the “latest revised version” “Ghost Blowing Lamp” to be released soon.The world underworld sue the publishing house and partners to the court with a budget of 10 million yuan.After hearing by the two-level courts, on April 22, the Beijing Intellectual Property Court issued a final judgment. The publishing house should apologize, eliminate the impact, and compensate the world ‘s tyrants for mental damages and reasonable expenses.More than 30,000 yuan.Sauna, Ye Wang Zhang He editor Tong Na proofreading Wu Xingfa