Building a strong party building "Community" painting "same heart"

"Community is the party and government contact the masses, serve the ‘last km’ of the masses.

Taking the party’s construction as the leader, condense the powerful cooperation of the governance, grasp the service, and make a small thing to be a small matter, do, do, do in place, is in this key ‘last kilometer’ practice a Communist Party The initial mission of the staff. "The province’s excellent party workers, Guolong Fortress, Longdong Fort Street, Dragon Board, Guizhou Shuanglong Airport, said Jiang Qifang, secretary. Seeing the total area of ??Longlu community, there are 12 residential communities 3602 8120 people, is Longdong Fort. The street has the largest area, the community in which the most popular population is the community, and the community "two committees" cadres have only challenged community governance.

"To meet the growing needs of the people, the power of our staff is definitely not enough, must break the block separation, closed the mode, further activate the vitality of the various party organizations in the jurisdiction, stimulating the enthusiasm of the station unit, mobilization More social forces participate can we go out of the Difficulties of ‘Single Battle’.

"After the Secretary of the Party Branch of Long Road Community, Jiang Qiufang put forward the party branch as the core, organic joint committee, a resident unit, and the promotion of party construction, resource sharing, and services. , Civilized, governing, governance, constructing a community governance model of "one core and multi-core multi-core and convergence".

In Jiang Qiufang’s view, we must play the core role of the party branch. The primary task is to strengthen the ideological and political construction of party members, so that party members become the backbone of community services. See the Dragon Road Community Party Branch to create a "four lecture", grasp the party members and education in everyday, integrating daily. Among them, "Weekend Lecture Hall" is aimed at the conflict of party employees, and arranges the "three sessions" "Theme Party" and other weekends to ensure that most of the party members can participate.

"Expert Lecture Hall" makes full use of the provincial socialist colleges, the party schools of the Municipal Party School, invites the professional teachers to lect into the class, and improve the quality of party members.

"Online Lecture Hall" uses "Building Hongyun", "Learning Strong Country", contacting Group Logging in Learning, Organizing Mobile Party Members to Carry out Learning Survey.

"The outdoor lecture" adheres to "the foundation is doing", "the party members and the party members of the branch are all incorporated into the party volunteer team management, with the theme of" bright identity, tree image, do practical things ", through various activities to make party members Acquisured, the masses are affordable.

See the Dragon Road Community Party Branch Organization Industry Committee, Property Company, and the family will hold many times, solve the problem of the difficulty of parking in the four-season garden community in the court; adhering to the residents, the residents of the residents, Organize the community industry committee, residents, property companies, etc. to hold the "hospital dam"; actively promote the "one-center network ten joints" work, divide the community into 4 large grids, with party membership package building, joint households The way the grassroots governance "tip" extends to residential households, and the residents reflect the problem of 100% … With the implementation of a measures, see the historical force, cohesiveness and combat power of the Dragon Road Community Party Branch. All units participate in the enthusiasm of community governance, and the initiative has also improved, and the power of the people will continue to grow. In the community governance model of "one core and multi-core, convergence", Jiang Qiufang leads the community with the theme of "Singer to see Long and Harmonious Harmony", with "Sanchun Action" as a starting, and strives to do urgent matter to the masses. ,Do good things.

Implementing the strong improvement of "Yong Yan Hui", will be included in the old community renovation plan in the 206 community, awareness family area, Guiyang College, Linyuan Community, etc. And continue to carry out comprehensive environmental rectification, let people live more comfortable.

Implement the "Spring Breeze Service" to send warm actions, establish and improve the people’s accounts of the community residents, with the focus of the old and weak diseases, etc. Normalization visits condolences, so that residents have a warmer.

Implement "Spring Spring Rain" to promote harmony, actively organize the masses to carry out colorful networking exchange activities, play the "community family" main melody. At the same time, strengthen the resident contradictory dispute account dynamic update, adopting a community "two committees" cadres, party volunteers to come to the door to promote the neighborhood, so that residents have more worrying.

"On the occasion of the party’s 100 years, I can get the title of" Excellent Party Workers "of the province. I am very honored. This is both affirmation and spur.

In the future, I will always adhere to the people-centered, more and more pragmatic style, more pragmatic style, and more pragmatic style, put the community more beautiful.

"Jiang Qiufang said. (Guiyang Daily Rongdian reporter Ying Tinglin) (Editor: Pan Jiaqian (internship), Chen Kangqing) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.