For this,Old Xiao also quarreled with Xiao Xiao。Old Xiao meant that this office has been reserved for Xia Jian,But Xiao Xiao wouldn’t listen,She thinks,When she came to the group, Xia Jian and Wang Lin resigned,This is obviously to give her off。

But Xiao Xiao is a master who would rather bend than bend,She feels,The venture group will still transfer after leaving Xia Jian,What I didn’t expect is,This group was less than a year after she took over,I can’t turn it。
Xiao Xiao arranged Xia Jian’s original office again,Just a few more pots of beautiful flowers,She didn’t move anything else at all。
Xia Jianyi walked into his original office,Really mixed feelings。It’s just that he is the one who would rather shed tears into his stomach,People who don’t want others to see。
Xiao Xiao asked Xia Jian to sit in her position temporarily,Xia Jian did not refuse,Because he knows,I haven’t been here long,It’s only ten days and a half month,It’s okay to sit。But he can tell,Xiao Xiao really let him sit。
Xia Jianyi sat down,Xiao Xiao told her the computer password。I gave Xia Jian such important things,Xia Jian has no reason to do things badly。Working computer,Retrieve Group Capital Dynamics Table,He looked at it seriously。
“President Xia!You’re back?”Lin Wei opened the door of the office and walked in with a smile。
Xia Jian stopped working,Looked up at Lin Wei who was a little shy,said laughingly:“what are you busy with?Everyone I know has come to see me,Only did not see you”
“I know a lot of people will come to see you,So I ranked myself last”Lin Wei knows that his excuse is not very good,But she still said it。
Xia Jian can’t figure it out,Why is Lin Wei becoming more and more shy,She didn’t seem to be like this before。Men are careless,Sometimes I don’t understand a woman’s subtle thoughts at all。
“such,During this time, you can cooperate with my work,May work hard,You have to be mentally prepared”Xia Jian glanced at Lin Wei,Said with a smile on his face。
Lin Wei nodded and said:“Ok,I will do this job well”
“it is good!You immediately call Liu Ying from the Eastern Building Materials Market,And Dragon Ball, the person in charge of Nanyuan Tourism Management Office,And the person in charge of the financial center came to the meeting,You can only arrive early, not late。It’s nine o’clock,I give them an hour and a half,I will punish whoever is late,Tell them when calling”Xia Jian said solemnly。