At this time, she doesn’t use Fendai,Pretty face,Skin light wins snow,Eyes like a puddle of clear water,Like a pearl,Beautiful jade,There is a quiet and elegant book atmosphere between the eyebrows。She suddenly interrupted Ji Yunfeng’s dream,Appear in the afterglow of the sunset,If you want to be more moving, you will be more moving。

“You are looking for me?”Yushi got on the car,Forcing myself to jump out of the increasingly ambiguous atmosphere,Asked sternly。
“Thank you,Invite you to dinner。”Ji Yunfeng seemed to say casually。
His low sound quality dips into her heart little by little,She frowned slightly,Puzzled:“no need thank me?”
“Thanks for helping me。If i guess right,I am about to become one of Hengneng shareholders?”
Calculate by time,Yushi is sure no one has told him the result yet,But he is so confident and determined。
Yu Shi raised his hand and straightened his hair,“no need to thank me,I didn’t speak for you。It’s just that the conditions you put forward are very attractive,We don’t want to refuse。”
Ji Yunfeng glanced at the side of the poem,Joking:“You woman is really real,Just lied and said to help me,Is it bad to sell me personally??”
“not good,I don’t like to lie。Being a person is the same as doing business,Integrity is important。”Yu Shi retorted without hesitation。
Ji Yunfeng snickered in his heart,This clever girl also has a silly side,But it feels silly、so cute。
Ji Yunfeng started the car,A new seaside restaurant opened in Yantian District,I heard that the environment is very elegant,He plans to take Yushi there。
Drive a distance,See there are not many cars on the road,Ji Yunfeng stepped on the accelerator in excitement,The car accelerates quickly。
Suddenly,Yu Shi feels that her heart seems to turn over,It shook her chest extremely uncomfortably like a drum。
Ever since I got heart palpitations,She is most afraid of this sudden acceleration。
“Ji Yunfeng……slower……”