Without waiting for Bai Lu’s mother to speak,Guo Enting has already started to greet Bai Lu’s mother well。

There is always a smile on Bai Lu’s face,Nodded and said yes,Give the sofa to Guo Enting,Soon the table was filled with steaming meals。Warmly greeting Guo Enting to sit down,Bai Lu’s mother is like seeing her son returning from school,Overjoyed,Beautiful。
“You look,To welcome you,My mother didn’t just close the stall early,I have wanted to eat these foods for a long time,She didn’t do it for me!”
Bai Lu pretended to look at Guo Enting,At the same time, I did not forget to glance at my mother,Although the tone is sweet,But the joy in the eyebrows is hard to hide。
“Dead girl,If you bring Eun Ting back every day,I’ll make it for you every day!”
Bai Lu’s mother scolded with a smile,Hold the chopsticks in your hand and make a gesture to hit Bai Lu,But in the end it didn’t fall on Bai Lu。
Like a family,Sitting at the table。
Guo Enting first found a lunch box in the kitchen,Arrange the food on the table neatly in the lunch box,Then he sat next to Bai Lu again。
“Aunt,Lulu and I will go to see uncle soon,I’m afraid the food is cold!”
Smiled apologetically,Bai Lu’s mother should be embarrassed,But Guo Enting smiled embarrassedly。
“Thank you,Thank you!”
Bai Lu’s mother repeatedly thanked,Smile and smile,There are tears in the corners of the eyes, unconsciously。
Quickly wiped away the tears,Bai Lu’s mother kept adding food to Guo Enting。
“mom!Will be fine,Why are you crying!”
Bai Lu can feel her mother’s mood,But now it’s really not suitable for mother and daughter to cry with joy,Try to control your mood,And add food to my mother’s bowl,The family is also happy。
“Aunt,I won’t leave again this time,When I have time,I’ll be back with you。”
“Not going?”