“Obviously bad business,For nothing。”

“I didn’t hear。”
All three friends of the flat-headed young man said they didn’t hear,Xiju suddenly became anxious,“How can this be?I told you clearly,Watch the sunrise in the morning,Cross the bridge in the afternoon,How can you do this……”
“Don’t talk nonsense,Give money quickly,All retired,If you don’t give me any more,Report your extortion,Call the police to catch you。”
“pillar,Forget it,Keep going for a while, uncle goes up to the mountain for training。”This is the young people from the same village who brought another group of guests up the mountain to see the scenery.。
Xiju hasn’t read anything,But not a fool,Others don’t know what’s going on,He knows it all。
Just when I was watching the sunrise,Several guests chat with other tourists,Speaking of collecting money to cross the bridge。Ganjiazhuang does not have the rules of taking people across the bridge and collecting money,But he didn’t say that he couldn’t collect money,He just took advantage of it,Want to make a few hundred yuan more。It’s trouble now,If you say it well, he can return,But the other party will get started,Gang up and slander him,He just can’t swallow this breath。
“You let go。”Xi Zhu digs into his pocket,Wrest each other’s wrist with one hand。
“Whoops,You dare to do something special!”
Xizhu took out his phone and shouted:“What do i do,You shameless, I still have to face,You don’t let me go,How can I transfer money to you??”
Young people with flat heads are not happy anymore,“Fucking,Shameless,Just like you,I don’t want this money,Let me do your medical bills……Brother fuck him!”
Three or four young people rushed to give Xiju a beating,A few young people from Ganjiazhuang hurried up,So immortal,There is a girl student standing near the chain bridge,I was bumped inadvertently,Good now,Sit down on the rope bridge,Not yet seated,Lift up,Go down。
“Don’t fight,Someone fell!”The woman leaning on the railing witnessed this scene,Shouted,Everyone stopped,Then I saw that the female student did not fall into the river,But hung on a thin wire,Swing and swing,Dare not even shout,Dare not move,I was so scared。
“Hey,110Is it……”
“Find the rope to save people……”
“Uncle Jiabao,Tourists fall off the bridge and hang on the wire……”
“The wire is too thin,Won’t last long,Take off your clothes and pull the rope……”
“Koyama,Belt pulled down……”
The bridge is in chaos,Phone call,Knotted rope。
Some run around,Some to watch the excitement,Some are recording small videos。