Liu Mou Godfather of E-sports PDD wants to be the boss of the LPL team

Liu Mou “Godfather of E-sports” PDD wants to be the boss of the LPL team
Height 1.The 84-meter Liu Mou weighs more than 200 pounds.Now he is keeping fit every day for the sake of healthy weight loss (small picture).Photo courtesy of senior Liu Mou ID: PDD Hometown: Chengdu, Sichuan Birthday: 1991/4/17 Height: 1.Main record of 84 meters: 2011 TGC League runner-up 2012 2012 S2 World Finals top 8 2013 SWL League second champion 2013 LOL All-Star player 2013 IEM Singapore champion 2014 LPL spring runner-up runner-up “was boasted by everyoneHappy, Xiao Liu will continue to work hard.”Last month, Liu Mou (ID: PDD), a former professional player of the LPL (League of Legends Professional League) who is currently an e-sports anchor, went on a hot search for losing 26 pounds in 17 days.Fan interaction.As of now, Liu Mou has 1192 live rooms.With 20,000 followers, he became a benchmark in the game live streaming industry.”His live broadcast style is humorous and can bring a lot of positive energy to young people .” One fan commented.  1 A teenager did n’t want to study abroad and embarked on an e-sports game. Liu Mou ‘s game enlightenment started in an Internet cafe with only three or five computers.The eldest kid was playing and caught his eye.”I didn’t fight then, I just went to watch.”When talking about childhood memories, Liu Mou smiled happily.”  After school every day, he will sneak to the Internet cafe to watch others play, and after half an hour, he will go home and do his homework with satisfaction.At the age of 7, my father bought a “big back” computer to go home, and Liu Mou really touched the computer.At that time, the game had just appeared, and it was a stand-alone game to be installed on the computer with a CD.Liu Mou ‘s dad will play some games and will buy some discs, plus the ones borrowed from the Internet cafes. Liu Mou “plays whatever games are available”, the Red Alert, CS, Age of Empires… all have good intentions.Childhood experiences laid the groundwork for Liu Mou’s road to e-sports.  In 2010, 19-year-old Liu Mou became a professional player, became the first player to contact LOL (League of Legends), and was also the first professional player of the game.”At that time, the national service was not online yet. You need to take the U disk to install the client of the US service, and put it into the computer from the Internet cafe to play.”Liu Mou said.  It didn’t take long for a Shanghai e-sports club to invite Liu Mou to join.Parents had planned to send Liu Mou to study abroad, and did not want him to take the path of e-sports, but Liu Mou “deceived” his parents that if they did well, they would earn 3 million a year.Although his father let go, like most Chinese strict fathers, he slammed Liu Mou, who is about to travel, “If you can’t do well in the e-sports industry, don’t come back.””” 2 players wrestled 3 teams World Championship Dream Broken Liu Mou back pack, came from Sichuan to Shanghai NGG club.But the good times did not last long. After half a year, the club disbanded.At that time, many e-sports clubs were short-lived, and young people like Liu Mou who loved e-sports must constantly seek new owners.Subsequently, he joined the Ehome club.  In the years when LOL did not have a professional league, although there were teams, there was no such thing as “professionalization.””At that time, our five team members plus one team leader was the entire team. There was no manager, no coach, and no boss.”Liu Mou ridiculed that their Ehome team is a” professional player in Internet cafes. “  Compared with the professional players at that time, Liu Mou was lucky. After breaking up with Ehome due to “love storm”, he was taken into account by the iG club.Joining iG, what impressed him most was that he paid his first month’s salary as soon as he arrived at the club. His salary is 2,000 yuan, which is only enough for food and clothing.”For the first time in my life, I saw 7,000 yuan sent down once, and I experienced how thick it was and how solid it was in my hands (so far unforgettable).”Looking back now, Liu Mou is still a little excited.After paying his salary, he bought two pounds of cherries, which was a relatively luxurious fruit at the time.  In 2012, the iG team stopped in the top 8 in the 2nd S2 World Finals.At that time, Liu Mou’s goal was to win the world championship, but with the strength of the Chinese team at the time, he could not see hope.Compared with veteran professional players such as Ming Kai (ID: Clearlove), Liu Mou has not been a professional player for a long time. “At that time, playing games was extremely irregular, and people were very old.In June 2014, Liu Mou chose to retire.  3. The anchor sucked up millions of donations to build the primary school and retired. Liu Mou became a game anchor, and he put a lot of food into his new career.At first, he only broadcast his games to fans. Later, he interacted with fans more and more, answering various questions in the game.He never asks fans for rewards in the live broadcast room. In Liu Mou’s heart, fans are friends.  Liu Mou ‘s Mandarin has a Sichuan accent, comes with a sense of joy, the live broadcast style is closer to young people, and is willing to share a lot of game experience and life truth with fans. The live broadcast effect is surprisingly good. The number of fan subscriptions is now close to 12 million.Today is about to enter the year of standing, but Liu Mou has always had a “forever 18 years old” mentality.  In 2017, Liu Mou donated a live broadcast signing fee to build Pipi Happy Hope Primary School in Duolun County, Inner Mongolia, with a total construction cost of 25 million yuan and a total construction area of 7480 square meters for 1980 students.Today, this school has been officially approved for use.This move has affected many people’s perception of e-sports practitioners.  Absolutely still life to people, Liu Mou is all grinning, but life will always make jokes.Last year, he developed a benign tumor on his hypertensive liver, which has grown to 11 cm in diameter.In doing so, Liu Mou often ridiculed “to be cut in the future, otherwise it will not grow into a football field” in the live broadcast.  Liu Mou has been fat since he was a child, and everyone around him calls him “fat brother”, so his ID becomes PDD.Recently, he has set up a “Flag”. “If he does not lose 40 kg in 3 months, he will donate 5 million yuan to build Hope Primary School.”Indicators, Liu Mou insists on fitness every day.Last month, he lost 26 pounds in 17 years.Liu Mou felt emotional after losing weight, “Weight loss is too important, and now my body is getting better.”” 4 After the boss continued to bid for the LPL team to retire, Liu Mou became a game anchor and also established a team called YM with friends.  In Liu Mou’s words, I was convinced that e-sports saved him.“He came out from home at the age of 19 without any social experience. He came to Shanghai and left his hometown. From a player with a very bad personality to some years of professional experience, he achieved some results.I can understand that a mature professional player needs a certain quality and how to adjust it.”He believes that to be a team is his mission in the e-sports industry: to let those gifted children take less detours and change to reach the peak of their career.  Liu Mou trained the top LPL players such as Shi Senming, Zhuo Ding, Gao Zhenning and so on. He was called the “godfather of e-sports”, and the YM team also became the “e-sports Huangpu Military Academy”.  At present, the YM team has not entered the LPL.Before 2017, LPL did not have a fixed seat, and the YM team had the opportunity to go straight to the first place in the LDL (League of Legends Professional Development League).At that time, the YM team won first place in the regular season, but the performance in the playoffs was not good.”Every session we are full of confidence, but we lost 2 to 3.”The successive setbacks made Liu Mou reflect on it.” If more energy was put into the team at the time and there was more communication with the players, the results should be better.”Today, LPL still has the opportunity to bid for seats twice a year.In the two bids in 2018, although Liu Mou produced an “expensive price”, it was still no match for the bids of large companies.”I still want to have an LPL team.”Liu Mou said that he would not give up bidding.”  Writing / Sauna, Night Net Liu Shujun