APP steals personal privacy "network thief" why is it repeated?

Original title: "Network Thief" Why didn’t I only ban Xu Jun (Xinhua News Agency) I have completed my friends through mobile chat, and the various maternal and child products on the shopping app will find the door to go to the door; I am applying the second-hand housing information. The intermediary call is not until … Why do you understand you so? In fact, this is the mobile application software to start frequently, collect your personal privacy. Why is APP to steal personal privacy? Qin An, the executive deputy director of the China Police Law Research Association, the executive Deputy Director of the Commissioner of China, said that this mainly has two reasons. On the one hand, the APP has had a huge commercial interest behind the personal privacy behavior, and some applications steal user personal information like thieves, or by reselling for illegal benefits, or for commercial advertising. On the other hand, the punishment for related behaviors is lighter, and the criminals are not afraid. What is more worrying is that many APPs "must" in life work will make a variety of authorization requirements during installation, otherwise they can’t install it.

After authorization, these software did what information in the background. What information has been made, users have nothing to know, and personal privacy leakage is increasing. The National Internet Emergency Center Monitoring and Analysis found that in more than a thousand mobile apps, each application will apply for 25 permissions, the number of APPs that are unrelated to their own business accounts for more than 30%. Industry experts say that the situation of app illegally collecting user information is not optimistic, users need to strengthen risk prevention and control awareness, and the key moments must learn to protect their rights in their own rights. In fact, for the excessive collection of personal information, the country has issued the "Information Security Technology Personal Information Security Code" and "Network Security Practice Guide – Mobile Internet Application Basic Business Functional Information Specification", and collects the app over the APP. Personal information security issues such as enforcement, excessive sorcerer are clearly stated.

  Recently, the twentieth meeting of the Thirteen National People’s Congress finalized the "Data Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China (Draft)".

"Draft" clarifies the organization of data activities, personal data security obligations, and implement data security responsibilities. In this regard, experts said that this will provide legal protection for data protection such as personal information.

  "At present, the ‘routine" set by many mobile apps is really anti-fight. Therefore, the relevant departments should increase punishment, so that they don’t dare to violate the law, they don’t dare to steal personal privacy. "Qin An said .

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