Views commemorating victory peace

On August 15, 1945, Japan announced unconditional surrendering.

At that moment, all the humiliation and blood tears of the Chinese people, the national hate and the house reh, became a great victory. In these days, the big Jiangnan North and the military camps have held commemorative activities, revisiting the history of national anti-Japanese Wars, and deeply thinking to defend peace.

Anti-scorpion fourteen years, bloody battle Qiankun. On the occasion of strong enemy invasion, the country is the end, the Chinese children "40 million people are still sad", and the belief of "Willing to fight the wolf, can not have hometown", with the enemy, fight against the fight, the iron bones, the death of death, pay casualties 35 million huge and tragic costs. The cost is extremely heavy, the merits of the history. The great victory of the Anti-Japanese War, not only reversed the crisis of modern China to fight foreign aggression, but also made an indelible contribution to the victory of the world anti-fascist war. Since then, the Chinese nation completed the rebirth of Phoenix Nirvana, stood in the new historical starting point.

"Xiaoyue’s loyalty, Tiger brightery.

"The smoke of the anti-Japanese war has long been exhausted, but today the world is not peaceful. We must use history as a training, warning the future, the horse bending the bow, the pillow, the gossip, it is necessary to build a" flesh and blood Great Wall ", but also to build" Iron Great Wall " The era of strong army is heavy, and he has no historical mission to defend peace.

(Mao Xian Zhang Tianyang).