“Cloud,You started a set of me.。”

“Hehehe,Long pool,You can not answer。”
“Cloud,I tell you that there is nothing.,They are to be hidden to intelligence officers enemy city,Our army has already begun preparations to attack Wuhan,Before I had to go to Wuhan Wuhan Huajun military deployment around the map and took back,Wuhan, a large Japanese Imperial Army we will definitely capture of,Our intelligence personnel will follow our next step-by-step deployment.。”
Qi Rui revealed to her a bit of planning content does not actually have any problems,But it will make them feel powerful behind,After so many things to do it will be much simpler。
“Wow,Such a thing should not the military intelligence agency to do it,Why will I make a long pool??”
“This may make general soil and fertilizer you follow me round the reason,Be right,This is the plan for the cabinet.,This program certainly has other intentions,But in any event this action is in service to the Empire,Future still need to cope with the military。”
“that is,They are for the Empire Service,Why so clearly points。”
Agents came to headquarters,Mieko Sakai is giving them a meeting,The main contents of the meeting is the person in charge of the underground news,Let headquarters agents continue to investigate all hospitals and pharmacies as well as private clinics,Included in the concession,Be sure to find out who is helping Zheng Yao and Tan Lin。
The meeting finally said the wine Yibei:“There is another thing,That is the trial of Haizhengchu,Tianzhong Dacui decided to be responsible by our special qualifications,During the trial, there is also a doctor to treat him at any time.,To avoid death in halfway。”
“Wine long,The sea is now going early trial yet?”Ding Mun Village asked,
“Must be interrogated,If he does not know anything,Then you don’t have to waste medical resources.!”
“Yes!Then can we send people to listen??”
“Can,Up to two people!”
“I personally go。”Ding Mun Village,
“very good,That will be ten am tomorrow,You are responsible for bringing people to Haizheng to the special high school class.。”
Wine Yi Mei Hui said that the pool is even:“Long pool class,Do you have anything to say??”
“How does the foot of the feet send people out of Shanghai??”Qi Rui asked Dingmo village,
“Report for long,The foot of the foot has got a sandwich with the car’s carriage.,They are holed up in the inside,This sandwich most of the time used to smuggle contraband supplies of some entrained,This help is a habit。”Ding Mun Village,
“Don’t I really check it out??”
“We asked the whistle card,They do have a behavior of bribery,Many times, I’m close to one eye.。”
“asshole,Is responsible whistle? Is the gendarmerie??”Wine Yihui asked,
“There are also local police assistance,After all, the gendarmerie is not much。”
“Grab a few shots!I will dare to do this after anyone.!”Wine Yihui,
“Yes,We handle two police officers!”
Qi Rui said that the training base has driven it.,Zhuneng Yunzi sits on a wine well。
“Cloud,How long is this long??”
“It is a role to give him a mission.,Training base is training training latent staff,Long Pool Jun is the person in charge of this action。”
“He tells you?”
“Yes,Before I went to check his Huimin pharmacy,no problem,Because I greeted him in advance.,He should thank me.,So tell me these。”
“Why do he thank you?,Is there a problem in pharmacy?”
“There is no problem,And he did not call the drug store.,Ya Mei did very clear,He shows us this should be okay。”
“That’s good,It’s really very strange,At that time, Zheng Yaoxian and Tan Lin were in our occupation area.,Who has this ability not only to treat two seriously wounded,They also careful care,I checked all the hospitals and doctors.。”
“Wine long,Perhaps Chinese people have lurking doctors, we don’t know。”