“Anyway there are many,Can’t remember now。”

“Ok……Then say something else。”Li Tianchou just sat down on the other side of the table,Stood up like a needle sticking to his butt,Started to pour water on Xiao Song in a hurry。
“No need to,I’m not thirsty。”Xiao Song’s tone is still cold,But I laughed inwardly。
“It doesn’t matter,I’m thirsty after talking。”This reason is stupid,But Li Tianchou barely finished the pouring action,“Whoops,bad,Forgot to put tea。I’ll do it again。”
“okay,Stop tossing。Things are still busy,I’ll leave after a few words。”Xiao Song snatched the teacup。
“Hey,Hey。What do you say。”Li Tianchou has nothing to do,Had to stop,But I don’t know why my mouth suddenly became dumb。
“Wulai Peng’s problem is solved??”Xiao Song asked Lengzi to ask such a question,Somewhat surprised Li Tianchou。I rarely spare time to chat with her these days,I was ashamed and panic,Yesterday’s big decision made it more difficult for him to face each other。Li Tianchou considers vocabulary,Avoid the heavy,“about there,I talked to Lao Fu the boss of Kaiyuan the other day,Let’s compensate for the loss of that person,Actually settled。”
“Really solved?I think you have been sneaky these past two days,What are you up to?”Xiao Song is chasing。
“No sneaky。A lot of things。The style bar will open soon,I’m still discussing the loan over there,and alsoKTVI have to make preparations over there……”
“okay,Don’t talk nonsense。Used to be busier,I never saw Fu De with such a drooping face,Others are also nervous,You said,What are you guys doing?”
“Really nothing,Lao Fu is tired,Many things piled up together,Total light in the first two daysKTVThe early investment didn’t close all night……”Li Tianchou’s words are getting less and less emboldened,He suddenly remembered that Xiao Song was also involved in the calculation,This reason is really not pretty。
Xiao Song looked at Li Tianchou coldly,Suddenly sighed,“Forget it,Don’t say it if you don’t want to。Anyway, I’m getting used to it,I don’t care about you,But to remind you,Yuxing’s current situation is not easy,Don’t you guys get bloated,Forgot my uncle’s words。”
Chapter Three Hundred and Eighty Four Extranodal branches
Xiao Song’s unexpectedly tough attitude,This is the first time in Li Tianchou’s impression,Not so much a reminder,It’s a warning。He can’t think of the right words to deal with for a while in his mind,You can do everything in front of Fu Erde,But facing Xiao Song,Li Tianchou has nothing to say。
“Think about it yourself,Busy ahead,I’m leaving。”Between Chaos,Xiao Song left a cold word and got up and went out。
Li Tianchou was holding his cheeks and recalling the conversation just now,Suddenly I feel that the suffocation in my chest has increased a lot。I don’t know which bastard is chewing his tongue in front of Xiao Song,Really depressing。Although the determined determination will not be shaken,But added a lot of troubles。