“Ancient scholars are terrible。”

“Literati is like this!I like to play with those things。What do you always say,Little did they know that they were stuck in it without realizing it。”
“But also because of this,Is the birth of these Chinese artworks。”
Populus tells everyone:“The ink bed appeared a bit late,There should be no before the Ming Dynasty,Recorded from the Ming Dynasty,Used extensively in Qing Dynasty。”
The material of the ink bed after Ming and Qing Dynasties,From bronze、Jade,Develop to ceramics、ivory、Mahogany、lacquerware、agate、Jade、Cloisonne etc.。Once the ink bed has evolved from a simple ink-bearing appliance to a work of art for enjoyment,In addition to fine、Clever、The distinctive features of Ya,Its cultural connotation becomes richer after being integrated into the pursuit of literati individualization。
“Regrettably,The ink bed is the most rare among the handed down articles of the stationery,Difficult to collect,Not easy to form series。”
Hu Yang looked at this ink bed,I knew it was not from the Ming Dynasty。Most of the ink beds in the Ming Dynasty are in the shape of several,Strong lines,Angular,No carvings on the whole body,The simple and vigorous style of the Ming Dynasty is extremely obvious。
“This one,Also something from the late Qing Dynasty,Mostly made of old mahogany,On the side is inlaid tortoiseshell,The materials are also precious,Worth some money。
Tortoiseshell,Everyone should know what it is?A precious turtle shell,It can be said to be an organic gem。right now,Tortoiseshell is a protection animal,Can’t kill,So expensive。”Populus introduced。
Scales,Crystal clear texture,Clear and beautiful pattern,Soft and bright color,Craft jewelry made with it is dazzling,Baoqi Huasheng,Noble and elegant。
In the eyes of us Orientals,The tortoiseshell has been auspicious and longevity since ancient times、Symbol of warding off evil spirits,Won the royal family、Loved by the rich and even the general public。
Use tortoiseshell material,Let’s start from the Han Dynasty,It has a long history。
In fact,Lots of precious materials,China discovered early in the morning,And use。Even if it is not available in China,Always let neighboring countries pay tribute,This is the advantage of a big country,You have to take out something good。
Just like the ancient sweaty BMW,Far in Central Asia,Thousands of miles away,Still had to pay tribute to the Han Dynasty,It doesn’t matter if the escort team is dead,Horse must be delivered。
The helplessness of a small country,Nothing more than this!
“This thing,Can keep it by yourself。Currently,The ink bed collection is not hot enough,I believe there is still a lot of room for appreciation,If you don’t need money in a hurry,No need to change hands cheaply。”