Fanying style movies love to carry private goods

“Fanying” style movies love to carry private goods
Answer: All of the most important films mentioned in “The Redemption of Shawshank” (1994) “The Manslaughter”. At the beginning of the movie, the story of the escape from Li Weijie is a direct tribute to “The Redemption of Shawshank” and also quotes a few classics.Lines.After the accidental killing of “Montage” (2013), Li Weijie planned to hide from the sky. The first movie to be revisited was the Korean movie “Montage”.Not long ago, Wang Qianyuan and the domestic film “You Are the Killer” starring Song Jia were remade from the film.”The Prosecution Witness” (1957) This film is Billy Wild’s classic court suspense film. The film also designed a sophisticated crime trap. The second movie Li Weijie revisited when thinking about the plan was “The Prosecution Witness”.”Genius Gunslinger” (2017) Li Weijie’s family went to Luotong to watch a Thai movie in a theater, telling the story of cheating by talented students who were filmed by spy warfare.A Danish film mentioned in Li Weijie’s viewing list in “Hunting” (2012), the protagonist has been wronged for not being convicted, and the Douban score is as high as 9.1.The film mentioned in the Japanese version of the “White Night Travel” Korean version of Li Weijie’s viewing list is originally a novel of the same name by the Japanese reasoning writer Keigo Higashino. South Korea and Japan made a film in 2009 and 2010 respectively.An American film mentioned in the list of Li Weijie’s movie “Seven Deadly Sins” (1995) is a classic suspense thriller film directed by David Finch, which has created a series of murder stories with vibrant thoughts.