The famous philosopher and the aesthetics Liu Gang Dynasty

  Party members, famous Marxist philosophers, aesthetics, Chinese practical aesthetics The medical treatment is in Beijing time, at 6:55 pm on December 1, 2019, at the age of 87. Liu Gangji was born on January 17, 1933, was born in Puping County, Guizhou Province. He graduated from the Department of Philosophy of Peking University in 1956. He was invited to Wuhan University Philosophy to Wuhan University; 1956-1958 to Beijing Department of Philosophy of College Philosophy; in 1963, he was promoted to Associate Professor in 1978; July 1980, July 1982 was promoted to professor; 1988 was approved by the National Personnel Department and the National Education Commission Contributing Chinese Youth Experts; 2006 was rated as a senior professor of Humanities and Social Sciences in Wuhan University. Liu Gang Ji has served as director of the Institute of Aesthetics, Wuhan University, and has successively served as Vice President of the Chinese Aesthetic Society, the president of Hubei Aesthetics, the consultant of the Chinese Aesthetics, the International Easy Society, Hubei Academy of Aesthetics.

He published many more affected academic awards, won the first prize of the excellent education reading of Zhongnan Five Provinces, first prize of Hubei Social Science Excellent Achievement Award, the Humanities and Social Science Research Excellent Achievements of the Humanities and Social Sciences of the Ministry of Education. In 2008, he was awarded the title of "Appearance of the Artist Association in China. In 2010, the first" Jingchu Social Sciences "in Hubei Province was selected. Liu Gangji has long been engaged in Marxist philosophy, Chinese American history, Chinese painting and calligraphy, Chinese traditional ideological cultural research, has made an excellent contribution in many academic fields, forming a logic strict, structural complete aesthetic system, and Li Zejing "North Li Nan Liu". Its main works are: "The" Six Laws "Preliminary Study" "Gong Xian" "Aesthetic Dialogue" "Liu Wei" "Zhou Yi Amei" "Traditional Culture, Philosophy and Aesthetics" "German Aesthetics in China’s communication and impact". "

  He long-term adherence to the aesthetics of Marxist practical views, and is recognized as an important representative of Marxist practical view aesthetics, which has produced extensive impact.

Among them, the book "Art Philosophy" is the art philosophical monographs guided by Marxist practical views, and construct a logical rigorous art philosophical system. "Zhou Yimei" is considered to be a major achievement of "Zhou Yi" aesthetic research, and the second prize of excellent results of humanities and social sciences in the Ministry of Education.

He first applied Marxist aesthetics in China’s painting basic theory "six laws" and the theory of Chinese calligraphy. He also participated in the preparation of the "Aesthetics" in my country ‘s "Aesthetics" and the revision of the revision.

  Liu Gangji hosted more than 50 work in the aesthetic discipline of Wuhan University, which is the creation and development of the Aesthetics Discipline of Wuhan University, and has made great contributions in the forefront of domestic academic.

At the same time, Liu Gangji is also committed to Chinese and foreign academic exchanges, and its work has had a continued extensive influence at home and abroad. Liu Gangji is very focused on art practice. He has long been a member of the Chinese Artists Association, Calligrapher Association and Writers Association. He was known as "the artist in the family, the thinkers in the artist". The study is rigorous, to learn Chinese and Western, the world, the indifferent fame and fortune, Liu Gang Ji has got a fruitful results in thinking and teaching and education. He pays attention to the carrying forward, cultivated a group of outstanding scholars, the development of Chinese philosopics, especially the aesthetics and artistic discipline, and the development of the Chinese Aesthetics, the development of the Aesthetics Society of Hubei Province made a superior contribution. Mr.’s wind, mountain high water.

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